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My 25th wedding anniversary is coming up in early April and I have a couple of bottles of 1979 Chateau Margaux that I've been saving to drink with the meal. I have never had a bordeaux with this much age (15 years the oldest so far) and I am pulling my hair out thinking of a menu that will be sufficiently special for the occasion and still showcase the wine.

I've thought about a grilled dry-aged filet mignon with a potato gratin (cream and butter but no cheese) and caramelized mushrooms but I'm not sure if the wine can take the char on the meat. Chateaubriand sounds good but I'm not sure about the bearnaise sauce. Rack of lamb is a possibility but I prefer it grilled and we're back to the char issue.

Would appreciate any advice or experience.
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Happy anniversary, DW. I've had the '79 Margaux eight times, six times from single bottles and twice from magnums. This wine, imo, has never lived up the 94 Parker gave it. It's a good, solid wine, but the Margaux perfume is muted and the wine lacks the desired richness. I'd call it a 90 point wine. As far as pairing goes, my advice would be to stick to foods not overly rich, because it is possible to overwhelm this wine. I auctioned off a double magnum of it this past weekend, but have enjoyed drinking it in the past.

I'd decant it carefully and taste it right away. It won't need to breathe much, if at all. I hope your anniversry dinner is a great success.

Just one more sip.

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