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1986 Château Prieuré-Lichine, Margaux... a recent Winebid purchase.

I am going to open this at a social gathering for some friends tonight. How far ahead would you recommend opening this? I was going to decant at home for sediment prior to getting together.

Thanx for any and all ideas on allowing this to show at its best.

Cheers Wink
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That's a crapshoot. It's possible the wine could be ready when decanted, but I doubt it. A 1986 Gruaud Larose last weekend needed 5, 6, or 7 hours to open some. I expect the Prieure-Lichine to be closer to ready than the Gruaud Larose, which is clearly not ready to drink. I'd open and decant pretty far in advance, maybe run it through a Vinturi or splash the decanted wine from one decanter to another. If you're serving several wines, you can taste the wine and see where you want to fit it in. I like to serve a wine with undetermined decant time with a cheese course so we can possibly wait it out. Good luck.
Thanx Board-O for the tips.. I made a bad judgement in that I tried to open it with a rabbit and left a 1/4" of cork in the bottle, pretty wet, except the open end... should have used an ah-so? Oh well, after I pushed it into the bottle, I ran it thru an aerator and a sieve.. Opened it about 2 hours before drinking.. felt funny driving to my friends house with decantor in the car.. oops...

The wine was a bit disjointed upon initial opening, but a nice aged bordeaux at the time of drinking. A nice orange red color, some earthiness along with some red fruits on the palate. Good length and nice tannins to close it out. Definitely in a nice place for drinking. Another nice qpr off of winebid...

Thanx again...

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