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@brucehayes posted:

On your rec, starting watching Dead Set.  So far, so good.

nice, yea I like the pacing of dead set.  There's just enough human drama element but not to the point like some of the other zombie shows where it's like .. 45 minutes of two people talking and 15 minutes of acutally any zombies. 

The korean All of us are dead is great like that too, only a few scenes where it's a little too dramaey but a very fun fast paced zombie series with some fun twists and a social commentary element that is present in most korean dramas nowadays.

Been watching On Patrol Live on Reelz, the new iteration of Live PD, which was yanked by AMC in a knee-jerk reaction to the George Floyd incident. It is live on Friday and Saturday nights. If more people actually watched what police officers (many of which are people of color) go thru on a day-to-day basis, no one would be calling for defunding of police.

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1923 Really enjoying this one. It's hitting on all cylinders, whereas Yellowstone has dragged a bit the last season or two. Some say Taylor Sheridan is being spread too thin, and Yellowstone has suffered for it.

I enjoyed the first 4 seasons of Yellowstone.  The 5th season has dragged a bit; maybe things will pick up in the second half.

1923 has been very good; with perhaps the subplot of the Indian girl who was being abused by the Catholic nuns - which is like a completely separate show.

I'm getting ready for the third season of Ted Lasso.

My stream list is long right now. Still playing catch up. Currently and coming real soon:

Ted Lasso Season 3 (coming March 15th)
The Mandalorian Season 3
Yellowstone Season 5 (second half this summer)
Star Trek Picard Season 3
The Equalizer
Somebody Feed Phil Seasons 4, 5 & 6
Hunters Season 2
The White Lotus Season 1 (almost done) & 2
Little America Season 2
The Snoopy Show (past episode 8)

Please about a half dozen to a dozen I haven't started yet.

Plus still watching on DVR regularly:
House Hunters
House Hunters International
Girl Meets Farm
The Pioneer Woman
Saturday Night Live
Beat Bobby Flay
Guys Grocery Games
Tournament of Champions
Diners Drive-ins and Dives
Delicious Miss Brown
60 Minutes
Meet the Press
Texas Politics
Austin City Limits

Haven't started yet or waiting for next season:
Jack Ryan Season 4
Andor Season 2
Boba Fett Season 2 (may not happen)
The Crown Season 6 (5 was to be the last)
Star Trek Discovery
Star Trek Strange New Worlds Season 2
Star Trek Lower Decks Season 4
The Orville Season 4 (may not happen)
Cobra Kai Season 6
The Old Man Season 2
Cunk on Earth
The Queen's Gambit
Breaking Bad
Better Call Saul
The Queen of the South
The Handmaids Tale
Harry & Meghan

I'm tired of typing. There's more.

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