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Watching Wild Card: The Downfall of a Radio Loudmouth. It's about Craig Carton, who I never heard of. The weird thing is that he thought he was the king of blackjack. There is no such thing. You either count cards, which at his level they would have spotted very quickly, or you play, as you should, basic strategy. There are no decisions to be made in blackjack. You either play by the mathematically optimized move or you're giving more money back to the casino if you don't.

How he ever the idea that he was a player who always beats the house I just don't get.

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I'm watching this new season of "The Boys" on Amazon.  I liked the first season, but maybe it is just COVID, but this new season is just so oppressively dark that it can be difficult at times.  It hasn't stopped me from watching, but next up I'm thinking I'll want something light and joyful.

What, ramming a speedboat through a sperm whale isn't light and joyful? Just finished season 2 (I think it was shortened due to COVID), and yeah, it was a little hard to watch in places.

If you've turn to Utopia, forget it. It's getting darker as it goes.

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Franken seemed perfectly lucid to me.

‘Was Al Franken Drunk on Bill Maher?’ Twitter Users React to Live Interview

I thought this as I was watching and apparently a number of other people did too. I also have friends who wondered the same thing. For others here, watch the example in the link and tell me if he's lucid. "When you’re a parent, you often have to prepare food for kids. But, if you’re not- if you’re lazy about it, you can put it in the microwave, and the 7-year-old knows how to do that, and I’m saying it’s scientific fact, which it really isn’t, but we all know it is, and then the scientific fact, I went even further with the joke, and you know this, that it’s scientifically proven that a … 7-year-old can teach a 4-year-old."

This is a mild example. If it was supposed to be a joke that he's totally lost any comic ability (though I've never liked him either as a comedian, politician or pundit.) One friend speculated he had dementia, but I attribute it to alcohol because he didn't strike me as high. I almost thought it was possibly a mini-stroke, but we haven't heard anything so probably not.

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Yeah, I think it was just a joke that fell flat and he decided to double down to try to get laughs. The structure of the joke is exactly the way he has always structured jokes. The “slurring” is only in the context of demonstrated “etc”.  Absolutely nothing seems off to me about it. I mean, anything is possible, but this is nothing like other times I’ve seen obviously drunk people on talk shows.

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I mean, anything is possible, but this is nothing like other times I’ve seen obviously drunk people on talk shows.

It wasn't just the one "joke"; he was off in the entire interview. I guess I'll let this go, even though as I showed I'm not the only person who thought it. In addition, I'm speechless that you think the standard for how drunk he was is how drunk other people act on other shows.

More comic gold: "My answer to that is [if Trump won't leave office], that’s great. Because if he won’t leave, that means he lost. And he will be escorted out [by whom?], and I’ll pick him up and take him wherever he wants to go.”

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The Queen's Gambit on Netflix is a surprisingly engaging single season series,  the later episodes dragged a littlle but I'm glad it seems the director recognized this and brought it back to a fulfilling conclusion.

So much that it inspired to teach my kids some checkers before moving onto chess

Watching this with our 12 year old who has taken some chess classes, we are down to the last episode which we will probably watch tonight.  Very enjoyable. 

Most of the stuff listed here seems pretty highbrow, and nothing wrong with that, but we just finished watching "Why Women Kill" and liked it.  Very light ensemble piece but well written, original, Alexandra Daddario, interesting premise, Alexandra Daddario, several unexpected twists and turns, and it's nice for a change to watch a single season show that wraps up everything with a bow at the end.  And did I mention that one of the stars is Alexandra Daddario?

Finished "The Queen's Gambit".

Very good and thoroughly enjoyable watch.  Maybe not the most compelling thing I've ever seen on TV, but both excellent quality and definitely something I think everyone would find entertaining.  

In a very short period of time, it seems, Anya Taylor-Joy is really solidifying herself as a major acting presence, and I fully approve.

I liked Queen's Gambit, but it's not without its faults. However, it is made in a way that says--just try and not like this. The lead actress is of course wonderful, but I also would call out the quality work of  Bill Camp (who also did such a great job in The Outsider) who is solid again as the Zen master.

The story--eh, it's a pretty standard fairy tale that is pretty much improbable. What elevates this show is all of its production values. There is some really modern filmmaking going on here. The last episode is loaded with new shooting ideas that are so much better than the hyper-shallow focus that's been going on a lot recently. (For example again see The Outsider.)

So in the end you get a great big hot fudge sundae (or whatever you're favorite dessert is); the locations, the clothes the look, the bodies and the oh-so standard redemption story, and you can't help but gulp it down.

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