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@The Old Man posted:

I have nothing against nihilism, but in this case the word "needlessly" is correct. It's part of the show's piling on for effect.

Ah, sorry. I just thought I’d question  the least erudite term in a post that contained a lot of big fancy words. I sort of know the meaning of ‘needlessly’ and have even used it a couple of times in the past.

Anyway, it amused me to do so. Apparently, that’s where the amusement factor came to a complete halt.😀

@sunnylea57 posted:

I had high hopes for this, but it just didn’t grab us. We moved onto other things after 3 episodes.

We really enjoyed the first season of Occupied (Okkupert). The second season isn’t quite as good, but still better than most series. We may have trouble finding S3, as it isn’t on Netflix here.

Just finished season 3 of Occupied / Okkupert. Highly recommended.

@winetarelli posted:

Yep. Watched it. I was surprised by how good William Zabka is. Totally believable in that character, makes me wonder how mych of it (if any) is him playing himself. 

Love Zabka.  Between Karate Kid and Back to school,  career needs nothing else. We were at a concert once and a kid near us who was clearly not Zabka but looked like a combo of him and Spiccoli heard us making a Zabka reference about him and without missing a beat says Sweep the Leg and hilarious laughter followed 

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On Amazon, oddly only until the end of the month, are some very early episodes of The Jack Benny Program. The first one is from the second season and is almost surrealistic in what occurs with the first guest Bob Crosby. Though they look like kinescopes to me I think you'll find some of Benny's great comedic talent still shines through. And of course his interplay with Rochester was ahead of its time.

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