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@jcocktosten posted:

Had a hard time getting into this show to be honest

I’m like you, but I’m going to give it a few more episodes.

I’m almost done with “Only Murders In The Building”. It’s… fine. Cute. Not as funny as I would have guessed. Selena Gomez is better than I would have imagined, though. The actors seem to be having fun, which makes it enjoyable, but it isn’t great.

@bman posted:

Finally finished all six seasons of Line of Duty on Netflix and it's probably the best cop show I've seen.  Then we watched the one and only season of Bodyguard, created and written by the same guy who did Line of Duty.

If you like a slow burning storyline leading to sudden action, real surprises, and lots of twists and turns, but still within the realm of possibility, you gotta try Line of Duty.  Bodyguard is also good but Line of Duty is better.

Line of Duty was a great rec, bman. We were totally hooked from second episode. And there’s SIX seasons to go! We’re trying to slow down so we can make it last.

Thank you.😊

@brucehayes posted:

On your rec, starting watching Dead Set.  So far, so good.

nice, yea I like the pacing of dead set.  There's just enough human drama element but not to the point like some of the other zombie shows where it's like .. 45 minutes of two people talking and 15 minutes of acutally any zombies. 

The korean All of us are dead is great like that too, only a few scenes where it's a little too dramaey but a very fun fast paced zombie series with some fun twists and a social commentary element that is present in most korean dramas nowadays.

Been watching On Patrol Live on Reelz, the new iteration of Live PD, which was yanked by AMC in a knee-jerk reaction to the George Floyd incident. It is live on Friday and Saturday nights. If more people actually watched what police officers (many of which are people of color) go thru on a day-to-day basis, no one would be calling for defunding of police.

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