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Hi all,

My fiancée has a huge celebration coming up and I want to get a nice bottle of wine for her to pair with the Zalton Bordeaux glass I got her.

fedloan Looking for a Cab Sav. I live in PA, so somewhat limited based on what the state has.

She likes dry, oaky, fruity, tobacco notes.

The last “nice” bottle we had was Palermo Orin Swift I believe is what it was called. She liked it a lot. Was hoping to find something even better than that.

Hope this helps and hope you guys can help me!

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If you are limited to buying your wine within PA borders, your best option in your price range is Chappellet Signature. Given your fiancé's specific palate, Silver Oak Alexander Valley would also work, though my personal preference is for the Chappellet.  If you are capable of driving to NY, NJ, OH, DC, or, to a lesser extent, MD your options would vastly improve, though you would be spending money and time on gas so it probably isn't worth it unless you live in easy access to a good NJ or NY wine store (probably Princeton or Binghamton).

sunnylea57 posted:

"Sunny" as in me, or are you commenting on the weather? If the former, I don't know how I'd be able to help here. I don't know what "dry, oaky, fruity, tobacco note" Cabs are available in PA. Also, "oaky" and "fruity" seem a bit contradictory.

I was jokingly expecting you to call it out as a spam post. 

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