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I saw this recipe on Jacques Pepin once, and have made it each summer around this time. Cut the kernals off of 4-8 fresh corn cobs. 4 medium cobs serves 1-2 people depending on appetite.

Put the kernals in a blender and blend until smooth approx 45 seconds for 4 cobs.

Then heat 1 tablespoon of butter in a saute pan, when hot, add the puree, salt and pepper and cook on medium to medium low heat. Stir occasionally until it thickens, 8 mins or so. Another pat of butter is optional at the end.

Jacques called it something like homemade polenta and he served it with poached halibut, but I use it with any white fish, cooked any way. It makes for a light and healty dish and goes well with Sauvignon blanc.
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That actually sounds pretty good. I love polenta, but always have used the dried stuff you buy at the supermarket. I cook it in stock, add some cream and / or butter and lots of parmesean. I'll have to try this.

It will be tough, though, to consciously cut the kernals off a perfectly good ear of corn when it's starting to get SO GOOD this time of year fresh.

Thanks for the idea.
This sounds good though I am a little skeptical of having it with fish. I’ve never been disappointed preparing any recipe of Jacques' though so I may be pleasantly surprised by matching it with fish. Sounds to me like it might also go well with something like Santa Maria Barbeque, some other marinated tri-tip steak, braised short ribs, etc.

As far as good corn goes, Ohio has a ton of it now and I am sure that the deer will be BIG and well-fed this upcoming season. Corn from Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, or Iowa can’t be beat.

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