I saw this recipe on Jacques Pepin once, and have made it each summer around this time. Cut the kernals off of 4-8 fresh corn cobs. 4 medium cobs serves 1-2 people depending on appetite.

Put the kernals in a blender and blend until smooth approx 45 seconds for 4 cobs.

Then heat 1 tablespoon of butter in a saute pan, when hot, add the puree, salt and pepper and cook on medium to medium low heat. Stir occasionally until it thickens, 8 mins or so. Another pat of butter is optional at the end.

Jacques called it something like homemade polenta and he served it with poached halibut, but I use it with any white fish, cooked any way. It makes for a light and healty dish and goes well with Sauvignon blanc.
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That actually sounds pretty good. I love polenta, but always have used the dried stuff you buy at the supermarket. I cook it in stock, add some cream and / or butter and lots of parmesean. I'll have to try this.

It will be tough, though, to consciously cut the kernals off a perfectly good ear of corn when it's starting to get SO GOOD this time of year fresh.

Thanks for the idea.
That does sound real good, Aja1. Since it is so easy to get good corn here (without going to the supermarket), I will be giving this one a try soon....
I wish I could say the same. With family in Indiana, I know what good corn really is...the stuff around here is just never that good. I'm sure Cali has wonderful corn as well.
Thanks for the insight, mikelb. Roll Eyes I'm not sure anyone here is saying this dish is "like polenta," but more like an alternative to it. I'm still planning on giving it a try. I've heard Jacques Pepin might know a thing or two.
I recieved one of his cooking books as a gift and I liked it for the fact he makes recipes for the average cook like me that I can make with basic ingredients.
Yeah, a nice Barolo from 1997-1999. Pick a producer. Pio Cesare Barolo 1999 will work.

I once ate 16 ears of corn for lunch when I was a teenager growing up in Nova Scotia. That much corn is really hard on the gut. Advice: eat corn in small portions. There's a reason why it's fed to cows.
Vino San, years ago when visiting our granparents in Indiana, we'd all devour the fresh corn from the farm, especially my grandmother. Then we'd stay up late after she went asleep to hear the baritone symphony coming from her bedrooom as the corn went to work. Good memories.
This sounds good though I am a little skeptical of having it with fish. I’ve never been disappointed preparing any recipe of Jacques' though so I may be pleasantly surprised by matching it with fish. Sounds to me like it might also go well with something like Santa Maria Barbeque, some other marinated tri-tip steak, braised short ribs, etc.

As far as good corn goes, Ohio has a ton of it now and I am sure that the deer will be BIG and well-fed this upcoming season. Corn from Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, or Iowa can’t be beat.

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