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Who at the WS Board thinks we are entering another recession and that stocks are going lower?

I believe we already are in one, but the numbers won't tell the truth for another quarter or two.

I am hoping the volatility shakes out lower so I can snap up some good stocks a la 2008. I removed myself from the market during May-July. By removed, I mean that I went to precious metals and shorted via ETFs. It has been a good move compared to my friends, who stuck with it and lost 15-20%.

In Michigan, we have been in what I would call a recession since 2000. It is hard to get a feel for the rest of the country when things are ALWAYS bad here.

Thanks for your opinion!
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I pulled most of my money out of the market. After the DOW dropped 600 points on that Monday, I put my sell order in for the end of the following trading day. Got a dead cat bounce of over 400 points. I put 10% back in when in closed under 11,000 an plan on buying on any dips.

I went from 84% US Equities, 2% Foreign Equities and 14% US Bonds to 25% US Equities, 1% Foreign Equities and 74% in money market and short term guaranteed funds.

Lost about 4% YTD so far. I feel fortunate. Frown
I have a good friend who is a gold/silver bug. He believes we are headed for fiscal armageddon. On the other end are friends who believe they should just keep buying and holding. I don't believe in the fiscal armageddon (although it is possible), but I think the days of buy and hold investing are gone. The sad thing is that average joes are told to do just that. Pensions are no longer part of the mainstream, and rank an file 401(k)'s are essentially easy picking.

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