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I recently received a few bottle from my Grandfather and they seem to be have sitting for quite a while in his bar. They are 1983, 1984 and 1985 Sartori wines but three different names on boltte which are not in front of me. How do I know if they are any good or saveable? And what is a Sartori? They all say product of italy which he was from there but I dont know if they where bought there or here in us.

Any info would be great, thank you

I am new to the wine thing but I ma very interested in learning.
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Go to Wine Spectator's search page and enter the name Sartori and click "search." You'll find several entries spread over two pages -- the wines from the 1980s should be on the second page. Doesn't look good, although the results may not be complete -- the winery apparently makes several different wines, some better than others.

Also, you say the wines were sitting in your grandfather's bar for some time. That's bad. Wine storred for any significant period needs to be kept cool (55 to 60 degrees is ideal), at a constant temperature (temperature fluctuation is very bad for wine), and in the dark (light will damage wine over time). Not all wine improves with age, and very little is good after 20+ years, even with proper storage.

It sounds as if these wines might have been kept and maybe displayed is mementos of a trip to Italy, not for their inherent quality. If that's the case, then it would be best to continue them in that role, especially considering the ratings.

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