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Big Grin I need to brush up and spend a little time with my Analrapist before the CDP. I tried Philadelphia and just didn't get into it. But, probably didn't give it enough time.

I've lately been hooked on The Wire. Started last month, and am midway through season Four now. Best drama I've ever seen. When I finish Season Five, I'm cueing it right back up at 1/1 again.
I love Arrested Development as well. I have them all on DVD and have been thinking of watching them all again as of late.

Right now we are finishing up season 1 of Mad Men and waiting for season 2 to come out on DVD next week. We hope to be caught up in time for the season 3 premier next month. The show is fantastic for anyone who has not seen it.
Originally posted by winetarelli:
I love Arrested Development as well. They are coming out with a movie, I think!

Has anyone heard the latest on this? There have been rumors back and forth about it for years and I have been hoping it would work out. But, I have somewhat thought that it might be best to leave that show as the treasure that it is and just move on, though, too.
I don’t watch a ton of non sports TV, but these are on my current must watch list:

Lost (I can’t give up now!)
Damages (My current favorite show hands down)

I also watch Californication, Kitchen Nightmares (good call danny) and Top Gear when I catch them. I tried Breaking Bad and Mad Men but neither hooked me. I used to watch 24, but gave up during this season. Same story over and over and the worst cast of actors ever.

All time favorite shows are not very surprising, The Wire and Seinfeld. I watched the entire series of The Wire over the span of 3 weeks. I couldn’t stop. I think I’ll enjoy watching Seinfeld reruns forever.
Strongly agree on Mad Men & Arrested Developement.
As far as cancelled shows, the network suits are just as clueless as ever. To AD, add Pushing Daisies and Eli Stone this year. While not on the same level, they were different enough to be interesting, and something I could watch with the family.
God knows, we need room for more dancing and "reality" shows... Roll Eyes

What's currently on that I like besides Mad Men?
Saving Grace

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