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Of the new shows, I enjoyed Person of Interest and Two Broke Girls.

The pilot of Up All Night didn't do it for me, but I thought the second episode last week was pretty good. I'll give it time.

Free Agents is on thin ice for me as well, and likely not a keeper.

I was looking forward to Whitney, but personally thought the pilot was horrible. Most disappointing of all the new shows for me thus far.

Also looking forward to Terra Nova tonight, and How to Be a Gentleman's premiere after Big Bang Theory on Thursday.
Originally posted by eyesintime:

This new shows on network television this year have been terrible. The only one I've watched with any regularity is Person of Interest.

Pretty much agree...Person of Interest and American Horror Story are the only two new shows on network TV that I have taken a liking to.

I've also been following the new American Guns show on Discovery. It's no Sons of Guns, but still worth a watch.

And obviously, Homeland has been killing it on Showtime.
Originally posted by Wine Sparty:
Originally posted by AZwineRyan:
American Horror Story

Hey - glad to hear someone else is watching this! Very strange and entertaining. This & Homeland are by far my favorite two new shows.

Clearly far from just us watching. I read it had the highest-rated premiere of any show ever in FX's history. And the ratings have steadily increased since the premiere episode as well.

I personally think it has some of the most creative writing on all of TV...premium cable channels included.
Originally posted by mneeley490:
I caught Allen Gregory the other night on FOX. OMG, what an unmitigated, stinking crapball that is. Time to fire the idiots who green lit that show and bring in some new idiots.

Completely agree. What utter crap. Jonah Hill needs to get fat again, and go back to doing what he does a C-list supporting actor in Judd Apatow movies.

In fact, all of FOX's Animation Domination is either tired and/or painfully unfunny these days.

Also agree. I've tuned into Fox's Sunday lineup for well over 15 years now, and it's a far shadow of what it was. All I actually watch anymore is Family Guy, but it's lost a ton of steam over the last few years. Frankly, they pretty much lost me when they let King of the Hill go.
Originally posted by spo:
I do like Strike Back. Serious guilty plasure.

Have you recently been catching the rerun's, or were you following it from the beginning a few months back? I absolutely love it, and can't wait for the next season.

The next season of Spartacus I antipate to be good based on season 1 and the prequel's consitency.

Eagerly waiting for this one as well. Big Grin
Well, Showtime's winter Sunday lineup premiered last night, and as expected...was very solid.

Californication is a long-time favorite of mine, and the 2nd season of Shameless appears to have as much or more promise than the 1st.

And the series premiere of the new House of Lies was pretty solid too. Looks to be another one well worth watching.
We kept hearing folks talking about Revenge, so went to Hulu and watched the first episode, then the second, etc. and by the end of it had watched everything up to the current week. Not highly intellectual but can't tell you how many times we've said "damn!" while watching the main character take on the people that framed her dad. Easy entertainment...
Originally posted by vinole:
Just watched Alcatraz, and wasn't particularly impressed, but am able to predict that Weezer's next album title will be "Diego".

Yeah, I wasn't too impressed either. It wasn't bad though and the female lead is pretty easy to look at. I'll probably watch the next few episodes if I'm around to see where it goes.
i agree and i have such HIGH hopes for Spartacus... Frown

and LOVED last nights premier of The River...

Originally posted by AZwineRyan:
The new season of Spartacus is off to a slow start, and I'm not enjoying it nearly as much as the first 2 seasons thus far.

I'm interested to check out the new show The River some time soon on my DVR.

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