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FL may be hard to get into but they're not one of those pole-up-butt places that enforces their own rules like it was the Ten Commandments. They're professionals in every sense of the word and they know how to be flexible and adapt. BUT, do call and tell them that your party is now five. It's just courtesy. Given a choice, any restaurant would rather know about changes ahead of time so that they can set the table for you, instead of having to risk bothering other diners while they reset.

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I completely agree, call ahead of time. I'd bet my last dollar they will be more than happy to accomodate you with enough notice. But if you just show up, you might be in trouble. It is a small restaraunt and they set up their tables prior to the guests arriving. Since everyone shows for their reservations, they simply might not have the set up for you to switch on the spot.
I just called FL and asked to see if they can add one more to my party. They said no for now but will put a note just in case there is a cancellation Frown

I have feeling that this is not a good sign? I would hate to have one person getting shut out and I would also hate to have to cancel the reservation since we are going there for my Birthday.
This sucks! We have been trying to get in to this place for last 4 years and this happens.... Mad
Any other suggestion Confused
Any body here have any connection Confused

Just got back from FL. I am glad I said I did it, but would not do it again.

They are as stiff as the French are known to be. I felt like standing up and screaming RELAX EVERYBODY IT"S JUST FOOD, but glad I didn't.

Not surprised they will not let your 5th guy in. Being on the waiting list there, you have a better chance of surviving in an accident with a YUGO, or finding gas in CA that is less than $1.75 a gallon.

Good luck.

Drink all you want, they will make more.
Yes, bring your wine. It is not "only if it is not on the list", but bring something special. Remenber to bring something that cost more than $100 and if it is an old vintage they will probably not have it on the list. I think they will allow only two bottles for the table, so buy a white or champagne from the list and use your two reds. That will cost you about $200.
So..... bring them and Enjoy!!
Food for them is very very serious, so relax, enjoy the wine in a quiet ambiance, and enjoy every byte of the food!!!
My final suggestion is to have the grand chef tasting menu which is about 8-10 servings including dessert and cost $140 but because it is the first time, it is your birthday, and because it is extraordinary food go for it. Also if you like foie gras, then order it for an extra $20-$25. I have been about 6-7 times and almost always order it. We were there last time Oct 1 and Oct 10.
I have to disagree with a couple of the posts suggesting that the staff is "stiff" and "snobby." I've dined there twice and have had nothing but the best possible experience. Staff is professional, courteous and very knowledgeable about food and wine. I think La Toque is also a great choice and maybe a better QPR, but it is not the FL.
FL they are stiff the food is good the service well, i have worked in the back of the house for 25years an have eate
nall over the country. some of the staff think they are (well) the chef need to set up his staff so they all treat the guess the same the staff has most likey change since i was there. hope they start you off with the pearls an oysters
p.s. bring the red buy the white.
Yes Nick, it is that difficult. You are arguably dealing with the finest dining establishment in the country, and demand far exceeds capacity. They accept reservations exactly two months (to the day) in advance, beginning at 10:00 am and sell out almost instantly. The best bet of getting a reservation is speed dial on multiple phones, or Open Table, where two tables are available per night.

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