Black fruit on the nose and maybe a touch of smoke. Dry, astringent and refined without food. Had a little leftover pork with it and the black fruit showed on the palate in a very nice way. By that statement I mean fruit, not sugar. Alcohol is carried so well you barely know it is there, pleasant warming sensation without heat. Five to ten second finish. Nice old world style.

91-93 Points
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I opened one of my two bottles that had a cork seepage (through a crack in the middle).

I caught it early, and it was maybe slightly maderized (but slightly). But, regardless:

On the nose, butterscotch and blackberries. I found it to be very smooth and luxurious, velvety really. Much sweeter than I expected, but with a peppery kick on the backside. Lots of bing cherries and not overpowering oak, with a bit of overripe persimmon on the backside. I tried it with some Reggiano, but the cheese clearly overpowered this wine. A little smoked gouda was much better and brought out the butterscotch further. I thought it was delicious, and I'm glad I have a clean bottle to hold onto for a couple of years: 93 Pts.
I drank that wine almost a year ago. I was under the impression it was in a Bordeaux/Old World style. It was nice but very conservative and restrained. I was pretty new to wine when I wrote that, still am really. I wonder if that wine was closed down or if yours was cooked.

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