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We decided on a 2001 Bremer Family Chardonnay, and it worked great.

As for the recipe the ravioli was stuffed with ricotta and spinach.

It's pretty easy, just melt butter and add garlic to the pan add the ravioli until coated to liking, plate, add sage over the top and a bit of Parm cheese and enjoy.

It's really pretty easy so we have began to eat it a lot. You've got to watch the amount of butter, so we try to use salt-free and go light.

Thanks for the suggestions.
Originally posted by Alta Skier:

When I've seen this served before it is generally stuffed with duck breast, minced celery, carrots, & garlic, mushrooms, sage, and rosemary. The sage is usually in the sauce along with butter and salt. This is a traditional meal in Northern Italy.

That sounds really tasty.

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