I think I would of enjoyed hearing him talk about his art, which I enjoyed at an exhibit years ago.
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Yes, for sure. He was such a major part of my life growing up from his turn in The Princess Bride. And when I was sick and staying home from school I would sometimes watch re-runs of Columbo. He seemed like a nice man, too. RIP.
Does anyone else enjoy the movie: Murder by Death? It is a somewhat guilty pleasure for my wife and me.

I have always been a fan of Columbo. There is even an episode regarding wine.

RIP, Mr. Falk.
Sad to see him go, but I read he was suffering from Alzheimers for the past few years.
Columbo was always a treat. RIP
I'm going to have to rent the movie The In Laws again with him and Alan Arkin. I remember it being a really funny movie when I was in high school.
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Serpentine! Serpentine!!

(whoops - did not see FKG was logged onto my computer, this is JC)

Great movie.

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