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I am trying to buy some of Le Cadeau Pinot Noir because many people recommend the wine as one of "must try" Oregon pinots.

Then, I noticed that there are three different version of Le Cadeau (Cote Este, Diversite, Rocheux) from 2004. I am wondering how the three wines are different in style, winemaker, soil, ageability, etc.

I found that many people loved 04 Diversite in a short term drinking and found 04 Rocheux similar or better potential with againg.

How about their 05? Which bottle would be better for both short term driking and ageability?

04 and 05 are still not to hard to get. I want to get more information about Le Cadeau Pinot before I made a purchase.
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I carry both,the 2004 diversite was hands down my favorite.I definately wouldn't consider it "short term"I think it still needs a little time,I wouldn't store it for 15 years but I'm not touching the rest for a little while either.I have the 2005 rochelle and diversite on the menu,I'm going to drink them side by side on the weekend,but the 04 was a big differance in style.I think in a few years it will be an allocated item.get it while its under the radar

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