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I have recently become interested in wines. I've done a lot of reading to find out about the different varietals. Finally, I decided to give it a shot. I tried three different wines of three different labels -- a merlot, a pinot noir, and a chardonnay. Each struck me with an extreme bitterness that was worse than the worst medicine I remember as a kid! Razz My wife has experience with wine and said she didn't notice any bitterness. Is the bitterness something you get used to with experience? At this moment, I can't imagine ever enjoying the stuff. Any advice?
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Try a very good German Auslese wine recommended by your local store. If you think that stuff is "bitter", I'd go to a doctor--I guess they have ENT docs who know about taste buds.
If you like it, then graduate to a Spatlese, then a Kabinett, and then, you'll gradually start to enjoy some reds as well. Bitter is sometimes caused by powerful tannins, in an unready wine.
Particularly if you taste "bitter" in the sides of your mouth, that could be intense tannins.
Lay off the Italian dry reds.
I'm not sure I understand how you bcame interested in wine enough to do a lot of reading without ever actually tasting any...But in any event, what chardonnay did you try? If you found that especially bitter, I'd be surprised if you could find any that you would truly like, outside of some of thedessert wines that others have mentioned...

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