Question for the Port-heads: Which 1963?

Birth year wine Smile . Any recommendations based on recent experience? The Quinta do Noval Nacional is probably a little rich for my blood. Otherwise, I am wide open. Any reputable on-line retailers that specialize in vintage Port? The internet can be a crapshoot. Thanks in advance.
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you picked a bad year because everyone is doing the same .

steady rise in prices since last year (almost 200-300% in some cases)

a little small house that I like is offley, european wine resource has it at 120$.

Do us both a favor and don't post a note =)
Originally posted by Italian Wino:
Find a well stored bottle of the '63 Fonseca. An awesome bottle of port. You may find this at Benchmark Wines in Napa.


I will definitely second this

out of all the 63's

the Dows is okay but spirity
the grahams is a bit thin and sweet
the warres is weird and has traces of VA
the noval is living on a reputation of it's larger brother the nacional

the fonseca though is worth the hype but needs some air time, but it's full and lush.

the taylor reminds me of a fine bourbon aged for 50 years with the obvious sweetness.

your taste buds can't go wrong, (but your wallet may cry a little)
Originally posted by Red guy in a blue state:
Thanks everyone. I will see if I can find. My birthday is not until July, so I am not under a time crunch. Doesn't sound like prices are going to drop. I should have thought about this a few years ago.

or be like me and think of it 20 years in advance ;-)

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