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This question is about wine club subscriptions (e.g. Lot18 and Zagat wine club), not a specific winery's wine club.

I love to drink wine and my taste leans to Pinot Noir. We live in the middle of the country and shopping is a major challenge for us. I order a lot online because shopping in our town and surrounding towns is so bad. For this reason, wine clubs are appealing to me because I can try many wineries and types of wine without having to drive anywhere. I have not yet joined one because I am concerned about the quality of the wine in the wine clubs. Can anyone speak to if the quality of the wine is commendable or not?

Thank you in advance
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Agree with above.

There was a thread on this last year I think. Stefaniawine mentioned that he was approached by clubs trying to buy his wine. If I remember correctly, he mentioned that these clubs try to buy wine from producers for extremely little money (e.g., $4) and then re-sell them to their club members at a dramatic markup (e.g., $15+)

Can't imagine you'll find any great wines here

That said, Wine Sellar and Brasserie in San Diego used to have a great "club" type service. Every 3 months, you would get a 6 or 12 pack with the price varying depending on the bottle you received up to some pre-set maximum. That exposed me to some really great juice. The prices they charged for the bottles were just below average retail but their selections were top notch.
Originally posted by Parcival:

That said, Wine Sellar and Brasserie in San Diego used to have a great "club" type service.

Don't know about their club, but we enjoyed dinner there. Picked out a wine from the store and had it with dinner. Bought a couple to take with us.

As far as wine clubs go, forget them. If you're on a mailing list from a winery you like, that's a different animule.

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