I recently had the chance to taste a couple of malbecs at a wine tasting a group of friends and I organized. These were the wines tasted:
Goyenechera Malbec 2001

Goyenechera Malbec (grand reserve or whatever they called their higher end wine)

Benmarco Reserve 2001

All three wines exhibited an overpowering rubber or petroleum nose, flavor and finish. It was like pulling teeth for me to drink a glass of each, Frown and I have really liked all previous malbecs I've tried.

Is this a common characteristic of higher end Malbecs from Argentina? I certainly hope not. If so, I will stick to $10-15 malbecs.

I would appreciate any feedback you excellent people can provide.
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I believe Emilio is our resident expert on Argentinian wines, having fairly recently returned from a wine tasting trip there. When he sees this, you'll have your questions answered.

I've only had a few Malbecs and I never noticed a rubber or petroleum characteristic.
My limitied experience with the Argy Malbecs hasn't been of rubber/petrol notes. This is something that I would normally associate with incorrect H2S levels, not grape variety (maybe some petrol in riesling). But I'll let the experts provide the definitive answer
I'd like to think of myself as a bit of a malbec man - I as malbec before malbec was cool Cool - and while I have had some lower $$ wines that have exhibited this characteristic, I find that the better made wines (Tikal, Catena Alta, etc.) do not.

Have certainly never had this in any Cahors (Loire valley); I'd tend to agree w/Pauly (though I'm no chemist), as both pyang and I picked up this characteristic in a young red Burg we tasted in St. Helena last month.

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