Well wines never cease to amaze me

Rosso di Montalcino 2006 should not have been like this. But Roberto at Querce produces wines of great longevity

This Rosso was fresh, great fruit and beautifully rounded on the palate.  If I were tasting it blind I would have picked it at least five years younger.

If you are looking for Brunello and Rosso with ageing potential Querce Bettina is the go


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Great to read something about this wine her on this forum. I had the opportunity to drink this wine as well two weeks ago, probably just a few days after your note.

I much agree with your observations. In particular about the great ageing potential.

It is amazing to experience how this wine now really has developed like a Brunello. A bit less complex and maybe slightly leaner than the '06 Brunello from Querce Bettina. But still a very classy gracefully aged Brunello profile. The 2006 is among my favourite vintages of this producer, I like the fresh character. And I often have written in my notes (on CT) on their Rosso di Montalcino that it is better than some Brunelli. Tasting this Rosso, now 13 years of age, proves this point! 

Altough the Brunello and Brunello Riserva take this both a few steps further. I guess that Nose is about right to say that they are probably 5-7 years behind this rosso in their devlopment.

Great concept when I come to think of it: Just buy the Rosso to drink in 10-15 years after release and the Brunello 15-20 years after release. That gives a full 10 years of optimum drinking window for the same vintage 



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