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Very nice and subtle, but not quite understated. This wine is a clear red, and the nose is a bit floral, with stronger notes of cherries and some raisins, but the taste is black cherries and some blackberries, with some nice firm tannin structure lending it a cocoa note. Well balanced. An elegant wine from the value sector.

With a grade of B and a $8 price tag, the QPR is very good, but for a Pinot Noir, the QPR is oustanding.
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What a difference a year and a few hundred miles makes. I was at the supermarket the other day, and passed by the wine section. "Oh," I thought, "there is some of that nice Parducci Pinot Noir that they're practically giving away for $7.98..." So I buy a bottle.

So tonight I open the bottle, pour a glass, and practically do a Danny Thomas spit-take. (There's an obscure reference that would make Dennis Miller proud.)

A closer look at the bottle reveals:

Parducci Pinot Noir 2001 Mendocino.

In a nutshell, this is some nasty s***. Pickle juice and sour grapes. Save yourselves! If someone tries to give you a bottle, pay him $7.98 to haul it away. If this had been my first experience with Parducci, I would never, ever buy one of their products again. I don't know how to put it any plainer than that.
No problem, let me know what you think. There is a very nice restaurant in the Detroit area called The Earle, with a 50 page wine list that offers wines that are 80-100 years old, and they offer the Parducci as their "by the glass" Petite Syrah. That is a pretty good endorsement in my book, and that is how I was put on to it. One of the better $8 wines I know of. Take care!

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