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Popped one tonight and will follow over today and tomorrow. Bottle open for hour no decant.

Reminds me very much of a young Seavey Cab. Very happy about this btw. Will post updates.

Day 2 - half bottle in cellar recorked -- to see how tough it is!

Held up real well. Little more fruit forward, still very traditional cab.

Overall, a real good wine, a very nice change up to most of the newer fruit power cabs. Drinking this side by side with a Rivers Marie Cab would be a real nice contrast.

Well done.
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vint posted:

Dumpster dive because today I stood up the final bottle from my six-pack of 2007 Ostreon. Each of the previous five has been terrific and It's a shame the project began and ended with this one vintage. 

Fun to look back on the contributors to this thread.  Where are Powell and Ricky these days? 


Powell is in our WS Forums Cork Dorks fantasy football league.  Won the titles this season, in fact, the bastard!

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