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So Wisconsin's legislature and governor and entrenched in a rather pathetic budget stalemate. The only good thing about this is that if no budget is passed, then its possible we also won't pass direct shipping restrictions currently in the senate's budget. If, however, something passes, it seems likely include the following:

1. Currently, Wisconsin's Dept. of Revenue can enter into reciprocal agreements where a state's wineries can ship direct to WI residents if WI wineries (they exist, though quality is often a relative thing) can ship direct to that state's residents. These will be gone, with Direct Shipper Permits replacing them.

2. If I read the bill's summaries, Direct Shipper Permits will only be available to wineries and not retailers. The permits would require:
a. Fees of $100, $50 or $10, depending on how much a winery ships.
b. Annual reporting of how much a winery ships and to whom.
c. Direct shipments must be recieved by a resident who is of age and not intoxicated.

3. Wisconsin residents could only purchase 12 cases of wine direct annually. If you violate this, the DOR will issue one warning and then every violation is $500. Individuals are responsible for compliance.

4. Outside of the Direct Shippers Permit, alcohol can only be shipped into Wisconsin via that Three Tier System.

5. There is some stuff explicitly permitting in-store, free, tasting of non-wine alcohol.

This is better than the original version in July, where the per person case limit was 3, the fees for the permits were literally 10 times higher, the reporting was monthly and, worst of all, the compliance with the per person limit was put on the wineries (which would be impossible). The potential big problem I see is the requirement that the receiving person be "not intoxicated" upon receipt. It's silly and, worse, I can't believe FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc., will agree to take the steps needed to comply.

Also, if I understand this correctly, retailers would not be able to ship direct to WI residents, not WI retailers, nor out-of-state retailers. But looking at the existing laws, I don't know how it's currently legal, but I do know its currently done. So maybe the provision that allows Binny's to ship to me is found in some other part of the statutes. If that is the case, then I don't know whether this bill effects direct shipments from retailers. Wine Library has evidently stopped shipping to Wisconsin.

To those in the wine industry or those who just know more than I do, if this passes, will direct shipping to WI end due to the "not intoxicated" upon receipt nonsense? Am I missing something as to retailers direct shipping to WI?

Here is the link to the summary of the current provisions:‑09budget/SS%20SB%201%20and%202/gftax.pdf See pages 46-55.

FWIW, here is a link to the original, more draconian, restrictions: (pages 35-42).
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The same bill passed into law in Illinois this year. What drives this sort of thing is a money grab by the distributors, plain and simple. There is no other justification for this type of law. They will publicize that they're protecting the State against underage drinking and they're opening up shipping rules at the same time.

All Wisconsinites on this board should be calling their state Reps and Senators to voice their opinion. Mostly the politicians are ignorant and will believe the lobbyists who whisper lies in their ears while they line the politicians pockets. The ring-leading politicians (look for the sponsors and co-sponsors of the bill) are purely crooked, taking money from the liquor distributors.

This law has no direct bearing on me. I have no intention of having wine shipped to WI for me. I am incensed because it's the same sh!t over and over in US politics and we just sit here and take it. Let your politicians know that you vote and that this is important to you. Elections are next year and they should feel pressue on their jobs if they don't represent you properly. Ask them how many liquor distributors are voting in their district, perhaps that will make them stop and think a little bit about the oaths they take to represent you.
For heaven's sake move. You live in freaking Wisconsin....... Cool

...counting the days until I can be admitted into the Washington State bar without taking another bar exam.

Kind of kidding. I've lived in Mpls and the SF Bay Area (briefly); we like a lot of things about living here, not the least of which is proximity to family, but your point is not lost on me.
SmileTks for the update... I've talked to my Rep. several times and called and emailed my Senators office a couple times. My letter to Doyles office was responded to with some lame form letter,, blah, blah, blah... Thanks for the links I never could find the parts of the bill addressing this. Suppose to have final vote on the Budget Bill Tuesday,, does anyone know if the shipping issue got pulled out of it?
To use a local term.. "this is a bunch of cow s**t!

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