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Should not pronounce the s.
du is not exactly dew but there is not sound in English that comes close
I'm bilingual.

Should be pronounced while pinching your nose or under the effects of a major headcold. Do not attempt to pronounce with clear nasal passages.

When will I learn?
The answers to life's problems aren't at
the bottom of a bottle! They're on TV!
- Homer Simpson
The Berry Bros website has Pronounciation Guide for wineries and wine terms. Very cool.

BBR Wine Pronounciation Guide

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You should try to say 'Kot du Ron' to make it sound as close as possible to the original pronounciation.
And by the way, there are those from the North and those from the South. They are not the same, with different grapes.

If you need more, please revert.

Daniel from Paris, France

Awesome site you referenced. There are all sorts of french winemakers whose names I have trouble pronouncing. Problem is, with most of the names, it seems like they could be pronounced more than one way, even for someone who knows a bit of french.



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