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Hey Muzickman,

I am actually a consultant with The Traveling Vineyard. We do complimentary in home wine tastings.

Take a look at my website and call the home office to see if there are any consultants in your area. I am out of Massachusetts so if you know anyone feel free to give them my information.


Independent Wine Consultant
The Traveling Vineyard
I do tastings from time to time. I originally started doing them in New Orleans, and since hurricane Katrina, have done 3 in Little Rock, AR. I do reviews for Kendall-Jackson Wine Estates go to and click on trade. You can go under reviewer and scroll to Lorrie LeBeaux or source: Life's Little Luxuries. My web address is

Lots of wine reviews and great recipes and decorating ideas. Support my project and pass the link along to your wine and food loving friends.

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