It is time to replace my 15yr old circulon set and I want something really good. Each cook shop recommends something different. Which are your favourites and why?
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I have some "frying pans" made by Tivoli (not the silver kind but the black colored insides) that are awesome.

That's not color on your frying pan. It's char.
I use All-Clad LTD mostly because it is made well and cooks very well. I also own and use Mauviel Cuprinox copper frying pans, and both Staub and Le Crueset cast iron French ovens and Lodge cast iron frying pans. All of them are great depending upon what you are cooking, they all serve a purpose.
For the last 15 years, I have been using stockpots, bakeware, frying and saute pans, you name it, purchased from a restaurant supply store. They are designed to handle the constant demands of commercial use and deliver consistent quality. They are available in just about every size imaginable and are no more difficult to clean than any household wares.

Granted, my decision to go with these was driven by having a gas-fired Vulcan commercial range and ovens that produce up to 30k btu per burner; (many household grade wares couldn't stand up to that very long). Certainly, household designed "commercial grade" wares such as Calphalon could take it, but I am not sure my wallet could. I found the restaurant supply stock wasanywhere from 50 - 75% less expensive than comparable sized Calphalon, etc.

There may be a few special wares out there that aren't available commercially, but if there are, I haven't heard of one. Although there have been a couple of recipes over the years that have given me fits, it wasn't because of the tools or wares available!

The only "bump in the road" you might encounter is a few of these restaurant supply houses only want to sell to folks in the restaurant business. I'm betting if you run into this, with the right approach they will sell you anything you want. If that doesn't work, cozy up to the owner/manager of a local eatery and "order" through them. (That worked for me in obtaining a few hard to find ingredients before online shopping solved that problem).
I have a set of Calphalon One (not the non-stick) and a set of Cuisinart, but my most favorite pan is a ten dollar (20 years ago) very heavy cast iron chicken cooker. It's a high sided pan with a glass top. I have it well-seasoned and use it for all my searing.
We use Calphalon Stainless Steel, but I'll check if its the 100% stainless, or the "Tri-ply". Whatever they are, I LOVE THEM!!! Granted, we don't have a 30,000btu/burner range. Razz
I'd love to get the All Clad copper core, but I already some Lagostina professional with copper clad bottoms. I can't justify buying the All clad until we change to a gas range.
(kitchen reno is a long ways away)
Originally posted by Landshark:
All of them are great depending upon what you are cooking, they all serve a purpose.

Concur. I have a mix-match conglomerate of different stuff. Cast-iron, stainless, non-stick, they all serve a purpose depending on what I'm cooking. I prefer stainless interiors for large pots and sauce pans. I prefer non-stick for frypans, unless I'm browning something. I just threw away my favorite frypan of 15 years; an aluminum non-stick that was awesome for eggs, omelates, and hashbrowns. I figured I'd ingested enough of the non-stick from it for now.
I use a combinatin of Calphalon (non-stick) and La Creuset. I wish we had the stainless instead of the non-stick, but use the La Creuset for any searing/browning I need to do.
We have a variety of All Clad stainless steel fry & sauce pans, a Le Crueset deep saute pan (which is a great pan, but I can't lift it when full Frown) & a cast iron pan.

We've also bought some "restaurant supply store" frying pans that my husband uses frequently, are enormous, but good for dishes that require adding items after a sautee.
All Clad makes a nice set, but it can be incredibly expensive and you are paying a ton for the look of the set. I went with the Sitram set seen here:

It's less expensive, though not cheap by any means, and it is as effective and long lasting as anything All Clad (or anyone else for that matter) puts out there.

You will be handing these pots and pans down to your grandchildren someday.

In addition, anyone serious about cooking needs to add a large cast iron skillet and several pieces from Le Creuset.
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Well, I put off my research and then today got a one day kitchen sale email from Amazon. So, I bought a 12 piece Anolon Professional set. Regular price $803. on sale for $169.99 plus a further $25.00 discount promo. Anyone ever used these? Good review on epinions. Too good a deal to pass up.
Has anyone tried the Costco/Kirkland
Hard-anodized non-stick?

Perhaps a tad lighter than my ancient calphalon but like $149 for a huge set.

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