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Tonight I made some grilled portabella mushrooms. I put them cap down and filled the crevices with feta cheese and dried taragon. I thought it was delicious.

I also had a flank steak rolled in feta cheese, spinach and red peppers.

For wine I had a Barons De Rothschild (Lafite) Reserve Special Medoc 2001.

I want to start drinking wine wiith my meals. I believe wine is better for ones health. Cokes put co2, sugar, and acids into the system. I love them but they are crap.

I digress because I am slightly intoxicated. How do you like to prepare your Portabella Mushrooms?
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I discovered this method completely by accident. I keep a chicken demi-glace in the freezer for addition to sauces. I make it by reducing very low salt chicken stock to maybe 7 or 8% of its original volume. There must be every little salt because the reduction leaves the demi-glace with a substantial concentration of salt.

To get to the point, when I made my last batch, I decided to add a couple of portobello caps to the reducing liquid to add extra flavor. When the liquid was just about fully reduced, I removed the mushroom caps whole and let them cool on a plate. Later, when I turned the grill on for the ribeyes, I put a little unsalted butter and some freshly grated Pecorino Romano on the caps and grilled them. They were truly wonderful- moist and very flavorful- the best grilled portobello caps I've ever made. Give it a try.
Gotta love someone who admits he was posting while slightly intoxicated. Wink Refreshing after all the posts from various members warning about the dangers of doing so, and/or folks denying they ever do it. Razz

Embarrassingly, I myself have never prepared portabellas. Think the reason is that I can't walk three feet without someone else doing something cool with them.
I simmer them in butter, molassas, and sherry, then layer just baked prisciutto over them, coat with just about any white or blue cheese, pop em in the oven on broil to just begin to brown the cheese and dig in...
Also, bake on a cookie sheet, cap down, for twenty minutes @ 350, remove and add Cristal hot sauce and a good blue cheese dressing to taste to the inside of the caps, serve. Usualy the silver dollar sized portabellas are best for this.

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