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Austrian Riesling, high end Cru Beaujolais come to mind.

Almost any sturdy, dry or just slightly off-dry, central European white would work, from Alsatian Gewurz to a full bodied Austrian Gruner.

For reds, the key is lots of fruit, mediu body, and high acid. So in addition to Beaujolais, Barbera, a Rosso di Montalcino, some southern Rhones, could all work.
Originally posted by Yogi8938:
I am making a pork cap in a couple of weeks, any reccomnedations on cooking techniques. I will be using it as a second course.

Poached! Wink

Pan seared and finished in the oven. To the pan, add butter, and minced shallots. Deglaze with Cointreau, add cream and taragon. Pair with a big Chard.

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