Poll: What Region is the Highest Represented in your Cellar?

Just curious as to what people are cellaring.

Personally, my cellar consists of almost 50% French wine, but only 20% of that is Bordeaux (12% Burgundy, 10% Rhone, 7% Champagne and a few others).

Bordeaux is the most represented region in my cellar.
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I voted Italy although it is very close between that and CA. Of course, if you treated France as one unit, between the Rhone and Champagne that would probably be number 1 (I've got, litterally, no Bordeaux and very little Burgundy; the first by choice, the second by price prohibition for the stuff I really like).
California is first by a long shot (what can I say, the wife loves CA PNs and if I keep her happy she doesn't complain about how much I spend) followed by Bordeaux. Then comes Australia, Washington, and the Rhone.

If I broke it down further than that Sonoma and the Central Coast would be ahead of Bordeaux, and Napa would be right behind Bordeaux and ahead of Australia.
Bordeaux, but only because of futures.

Setting aside futures and looking at the bottles I "just buy", Italy would dominate, with Burgundy and Rhone coming right after. Australia would have been #2 a couple of years ago, but I'm having trouble differentiating between many Ozzies lately, leading to fewer purchases.
Like some others, the highest-represented region is the Rhône, which surprisingly isn't one the choices. After that, I think it's Australia, with Italy close behind.

[Given those two predominant regions, would anyone care to guess which varietal has become my favourite? Big Grin ]

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