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Board-o, I'm surprised to see your choice, while I have enjoyed a few meals there I dont think that its that special...Dont mean to be rude or anything just curious as to your reason...they do have a great wine list...The last time I was there I ordered a nice wine, it was decated for me but there was still more than a glass full of wine left in the bottle...I had to ask for the rest to be poured...I hate to say it but I kinda felt that the waiter wanted to keep some for himself...
tt, maybe you had a bad waiter. I've never found one at La Cote Basque, The wine list is wonderful and surprisingly fairly priced. The food is always impeccably prepared. The restaurant is also beautiful, quiet, and the tables are well-spaced. It is my favorite restaurant in the world and I have never had a bad experience in all the times we've dined there.
High-earning houseguests of ours in NYC in 1986 took us to La Cote Basque one night, and we thought the place was great in all respects but one (sadly, we were not drinking wine back then). The strongest memory of the evening was the feeling that the waitstaff were looking down their noses at us, as if they thought that we really didn't belong there. And I showered and put on clean clothes and everything, and my wife looked great! It was probably just us....
If I could only choose one, I think it would have to be Erna's Elderberry House down in Oakhurst, CA.

When I was 15, my grandfater took me out to lunch there and by the end of the meal I had decided that I wanted to goto culinary school.

Four years later I started working there for my externship. Learned more in 3 months there than the first year of school.

The following summer, I went back to work there and learned that this was not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

The following year we basically took over the entire dining room and had my grandfather's wake there (which he enjoyed thouroughly).

The food that I have had while dining there and while cooking there is also pretty great.
Hhhmmm just one eh. "Mary Elaine's" at the Phoenician Resort in Ssssssssscottsdale AZ. Why, well, their Lobster Bisque is tops, they always have a sauted foie gras with a carmelized fruit appetizer, their meat entree's are sublime, their wine list is nice, the view is great. But, the service is stellar. If you call and say how you would like your champagne chilled really cold, they ask 'What temperature?', if you ask for something not on the menu, within reason they will do it (called the restaurant the afternoon of the reservation and asked if they would make a beef wellington, 'of course'). [Cool]
For those who chose The French Laundry, at a recent dinner for U.S. food and wine critics in Napa, a visiting chef from Vancouver, Rob Feenie of Lumiere, was the overwhelming winner for all three courses in a taste-off with The French Laundry. I would go to Lumiere for my last dinner, but since the question asked for U.S. restaurants, I would choose Plumpjack in San Fran. We enjoyed our dinner there much better than the next night at Rubicon for about 50% less.

I would like to try La Cote Basque in NYC. I like places that look down their noses at me. Of course, I'm 6'4", so my perspective is slightly off.

To choose one is almost impossible. I mean first of all, Chicago has many splendid restaurants, and as we live here, some of our fondest memories are from places here (MK, Harvest on Huron, Aubriot, Keefer's, Topolobampo, Le bouchon, Kiki's, Tru, Everest, etc.)

But then again, sometimes the most memorable places are when you have meals at virtually nameless restaurants overseas (one I particularly remember is when we visited friends in London and drove their car onto a chunnel train and had dinner in Calais--wow, the mussels in roquefort sauce were amazing.)

I would have to say, though, the most memorable restaurant we have eaten at of late, was Anisa's in the west village of NYC. The chef is an old classmate of my wife's, and their food is amazing. Should anyone have occasion to dine there, do try the foie gras and soup dumpling, it is out of this world. Great, and unique, wine list.
Only two places come to mind.......first would be Fleur de Lys in SF and the other The French Laundry. The French Laundry is wonderful, but the wine list is very expensive, and $50 for corkage is ridiculous. Our favorite is Fleur de Lys....the food is better than ever and we know Hubert Keller and his lovely wife Chantal. We had our 10th anniversary there with a bottle of '61 Mouton and the restaurant was (and is) magic. BTW, I recently put a review of FDL in the dining section under SF dining. OK, maybe I'll add Buerheisel in Strasbourg!
Inn at Little Washington would be first choice for a special, special occasion.

Aqua, SF, would be second, with Rubicon a close runner-up. I guess some of us have had differing experiences at the latter, but I've been there 5 or 6 times, and found it outstanding.

But if I weren't limited to USA, the restaurant I would most want to go to is Au Crocodile in Strasbourg, Alsace. I've read/heard incredible reports about the food there. The couple of times that I've actually been in the area, we hadn't made our reservations a couple of months in advance, and it seems that they don't get many cancellations, so it remains an elusive dream. I'm determined to eat there within the next couple of years, before there's a significant change in the main kitchen personel.

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