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I don't consider the stuff in the cylinder polenta. Get the polenta in the package. I tend to prefer the quick-cooking polenta, which takes about 2-3 minutes after the water is boiling.

I add salt and olive oil to the water, bring to a boil, reduce the heat to a simmer, take the pot off the stove, whisk in polenta in a constant, slow stream, then return to the heat.

Constantly whisk the polenta until thickened and bubbly. Remove from heat, then whisk in grated parmigiano, and serve. Sometimes I also add some gorgonzola dolce and a touch of cream for a softer polenta that acts as a nice base for a variety of dishes.

On cold days when I want a hearty meal, I'll make polenta, then top with some ragu or sauteed wild mushrooms deglazed with red wine. Serve with Chianti, Rosso di Montalcino, or Barbera, and it's a great lunch.
What do do you do with Polenta

boil with water, milk, salt, pepper, a hint nutmeg - at the end (40 min - 2 hours later, depens on the quality, but cooking it slow) add butter and parmesan.
you can make it more liquid (similar to risotto) or cook it to get harder - it's a question of taste.

sometimes i do start with sautee ognions, add a hint garlic, and a bit white wine, fill with bouillon or water (no milk here!), finish with butter, and cheese as liked.

what is your favorite way to serve it?

with tomato - braised rabbit

with sauteed wild mushrooms

with red wine - braised young goat

with osso bucco

sauteed in a pan with olive oil

and so on

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