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I listen to a lot of them, you might as well.

Although I enjoy many many others regularly, this is my short list, my favorite three are at top. What are yours?

*Reply All—I wouldn’t think I’d like this, it’s basically a tech show and I'm not very techy, but it’s often clever/funny as hell and the hosts make it all accessible. Try these episodes: Zardulu, and Raising the Bar.

*Snap Judgement---Usually starts with a personal story from the host, then goes into short vignettes from contributors. Try “Godsend” Episode #614.

*Stuff Mom Never Told You About—Two witty feminist hosts---often hilarious—--with great content. Try “Surfer Girls,” “A Buffer of Whores,” or “The First Lady of the Black Press.”

This American Life—The classic show. Feels a little outdated, but still cranks out great content. Try “The Super” episode #323, or “129 Cars” episode #513.

Serial—-A longform podcast that almost everyone's heard of. Season One was much better than Season two, but this spawned a lot of imitators, and spoofing on SNL:

The Black Tapes—A fiction series (or is it???) about a Sarah Koenig-style journalist investigating demon worshipers and the occult. Start at the beginning, it’s very good (and not too scary).

Joe Rogan Experience—It’s not for everyone, it gets a little bro-ey at times, but the irreverent jokes are good and he has on out-of-the-box guests who break down all kinds of things from Donald Trump to space aliens to human performance. Try the recent episode with guest Justin Wren, an MMA fighter who was bullied as a kid and now builds wells for people in Africa, breathing guru Wim Hof, or Abby Martin, a gonzo journalist who loathes American imperialism.

99% Invisible—Fantastic Host, and usually great stories. Their “Miss Manhattan,” show is one of the best podcasts I’ve ever heard. Also try “Mojave Phone Booth.”
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1. Stuff You Should Know

2. This American Life (This will probably take over the top slot eventually)

3. Serial (Season 1 > Season 2)

4. Dan Carlin's Hardcore History (His piece about the Mongols is incredible.)

5. Wall Street Unplugged

* A Nod to the Guild of Sommeliers podcast. They have a few decent shows, between the elitist bullshit.
I listen to more Podcasts than I do analogue or satellite radio. More compelling stories for sure.

Aside from many mentioned above, I listen to:

1) How To Do Everything. Great hosts. Very witty.

2) Death, Sex & Money

3) Radiolab. Although earlier episodes were far better than recent ones

4) Love & Radio

5) criminal

6) everything is stories

7) embedded
I listen to podcasts in the gym and in the car a lot.

The Lowe Post - Zach Lowe's basketball pod is pretty good

Bill Simmons - Used to enjoy it more but will still listen depending on the guest or subject

I'll drink to that - Wine/beverage focused. Levi does a good job but this again is another one that really depends on the guest.

Bon Appetit - Depending on the topic/guest this can be a fun and easy pod.

Kevin and Bean - Local morning radio show that is really funny at times.

Surprisingly quiet thread.  Just heard an excellent interview with Terry Gross and Elton John on Fresh Air  (NPR).  I think it might have been a replay, but hadn't heard it before.  Very good.  This dude provided the background music for a good bit of my high school years and more. Fascinating discussion.  Made me like him a bit more.

Anyone have anything new and exciting?


wineismylife posted:

I've never really gotten into podcasts.  Can't say I ever remember listening to one.  I assume this is something most of you do either sitting at your desk working during the day or while driving in the car instead of music kind of substitute?  How do organize your podcasts?  App on a smart phone kind of thing?  Color me curious.

There are lots of apps out there, many free that can help you manage and organize podcasts.  I use Overcast (IOS only, I believe) but there are tons out there.  I listen to them much as you suggested.  In the car.  At the desk.  While walking/running.  

Start slowly, though.  It's easy to get overwhelmed.


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