What current podcast are you listening to on a weekly basis?

HODINKEE is one for sure for me.

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None on a consistent basis, but I subscribe to these, and listen to them irregularly:

Fresh Air

Stay Tuned with Preet

This American Life

I’ll Drink To That

Desert Island Discs

This Is That (CBC)

I can't get into any podcast and listen to it consistently. I listened to Russel Brand's Under the Skin the other day and he had an addiction specialist named Gabor Mate.  He talks about a few presidents or candidates and links their behaviors to past traumas. Interesting stuff.

Mainly sports and food for me. A few I like are the Lowe post for NBA, BS report depending on the guest, BA foodcast depending on the subject/guest, David Chang pod again depending on guest.  Also enjoy the new yorker radio hour from time to time. 

wineart 2 posted:

HODINKEE is one for sure for me.

Just found this podcast about a month ago and am loving it. 

I also listen to the Steve Dahl daily podcast and the Kevin Mathews weekly.  I also enjoy Malcom Reed's How to BBQ Right podcast about BBQing.

The only one i listen to consistently is 'I'll drink to that'.    Always have multiple episodes downloaded on my phone.  Excellent program.  Will give Hodinkee a try.

Of recent note, the 'beyond the grid' episode with Juan-Pablo Montoya was pretty good too.

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