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Thank you

Chateau Lafite? No, I ordered a Buckler!
hi. i'm pretty new around here, but I figured what better way to get to know everyone than by ignoring this thread...
Coooeeee! Over heeeere! I'm not paying any attention! Wooohoooo!

Sun Hee - keep your eyes peeled, the 300th post is coming soon - you've waited long enough for it and nobody is strangely silent Smile Smile

I think you'll find QPR is a football club.
I think you'll find them in Board-O's cellar.

If a woman has a read a book in bed to get to sleep at night she isn't managing her social life properly
No Way!
This would be the proof that you are not properly ignoring this post, you are concentrating your counting forces on it, instead of ignoring it. How come that you ignore this simple fact that you cannot properly ignore something if you think about it instead of thinking of ignoring it? Razz

Promise I will leave the 300 posts for you.

Meanwhile, I will continue to ignore this post and in so doing, increase my counts and help to push for the 300.


Been busy, also been distracted by a group in the Fine Country, trying to get a group here going……………

Done a first offline here with some new friends yesterday for some Bordeaux 2000 Crus Exceptional, compare with some St Julien and Pauillac, just to find out what to buy and keep.

……..still lurking around.

If I am ignoring this post, how can I keep from accidentally posting the 300th post? I don't know what the post count is? In fact, I don't even know what's going on in this thread. I have never read or posted any posts on this thread, too busy ignoring it.

I'm confused Confused Confused Confused Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes

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