That's like telling a five year old not to touch something.

Don't feel bad. I made the same mistake and generated a thread about 20 responses long!

At least it didn't go dinwiddie!

"One may dislike carrots, spinach, beetroot, or the skin on hot milk. But not wine. It is like hating the air that one breathes, since each is equally indispensable."

Marcel Ayme`

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Didn't we all decide that Keith should lock up (and throw away the key) threads like this before they get out of hand.
After all, look what happened to dinwiddie.
He started a thread called 'Staying on Tpoic',
and it took over 1380 posts before Keith was able to kill it!

I can't afford it, but I buy it anyway.
Ok I have decided that this could be our secret hiding place for tasting notes of wine we don't want too many people knowing about. You know, because then the stores run out, or the auction price starts climbing higher and higher. So I will start with a wine I have recently had and I am trying to buy as much as possible!

'94 Dominus. One of the best wines I have had. Fabulous aromas of sweet candied fruit, light cherries. Elegant, balanced, with a wonderful long finish. This wine is so sweet you could hold it in your mouth forever not wanting to swallow. Yet not over the top. I give it between 98-99 pts. A wonderful wine for the money. smile

It used to be beer, the old lady, & TV. Now it's wine, women, & song.
T.T I was trying to stay away from this post so it won't pop up on the top again and get more attention, but I can no longer resist posting my apology since it doesn't look like it is going to end by itself anytime soon... sorry about this. I was trying to post a reply to an existed post, but then started a new topic by mistake. Then I tried to deleted the topic, but then found out only the adminstrators process such power...
I am glad that it at least give a few people a good laugh smile

Happy monday
The Seinfeld of threads - all about nothing in general.

wink big grin

Gladstone at a social gather said to Disraeli, "I predict, Sir, that you will die either by hanging or of some vile disease". Disraeli replied, "That all depends, sir, upon whether I embrace your principles or your mistress."
PE - You said it gal; if there's anyone that can kill a post quicker than I let them cast the first cork. That being said...

I remember when I had a '98 Benziger Reserve Cab Sauvignon in Atlanta, GA, and it was corked. Sent it back for another bottle, it was corked. A third bottle was brought out just to check the entire stash and it too was corked, though not nearly as much as the first two. Anyway, there was this cassis thing going on, and the mushroom (or was it cork), like I said, lots of legs, and cork, and black fruit, and cork.....

kybo - The Great (thread killer). big grin

...hey, chief - you gonna finish that bottle?
Speaking of corks, I was showing our hostess how to s-l-o-w-l-y twist the cork out of a bottle of Champagne on Thanksgiving when it took on a life of its own and blew out like a missile. It was loud. We couldn't find it (didn't really look) until Nick found it in his cranberry relish. Maybe it was the air flight down, but this was true travel shock 'n roll.
Did not improve the cranberry relish.
Could not resist! As soon as I saw a post with this title I just had to go and have a look. Thanks Sun Hee for making me smile on a frezing Tuesday in Reading.

So the Vikings were jobbed by the Refs were they? And I thought that it was the Angles, Saxons and Jutes wink

Wine, Women and Song - one out of three ain't bad
smile Killer B. No, no one jobs the Vikings better than the refs. They hate us still for losing all of those Super Bowls. (As does the Hall of Fame.) What a JOKE that only 4 of the Purple People Eater Vikings are in the Hall! One of the 3 or 4 most dominant teams of the 70s--there's no excuse!

Now...must I do EVERYTHING myself? wink

The Vikings jobbed by the ref's? HA....

Try bleeding silver and black for a while. Nobody else has to play an extra team! (the officials)

Raider Fan

"One may dislike carrots, spinach, beetroot, or the skin on hot milk. But not wine. It is like hating the air that one breathes, since each is equally indispensable."

Marcel Ayme`

I'm going to inflame your ire with this post. Take a deep breath before you read it. wink big grin

The Raiders are normally the toughest, dirtiest playing team in the NFL - especially in the '70's. How many flags per game did they average in those years? Seemed like every time Da Boyz (Cowboys, that is) played them, Staubach ended up hurt because of some illegal shot.

With all due respect Ms. Wine.....

Those flags you point out simply make my point. My Raiders have been persecuted by the ref's for decades.

You may wish to re-write history, but your revisionist views will be thouroghly rejected by those with even a limited knowledge of football.

Hey that was pretty good mock anger and indignation. razz big grin

Better luck next year Lilac.

"One may dislike carrots, spinach, beetroot, or the skin on hot milk. But not wine. It is like hating the air that one breathes, since each is equally indispensable."

Marcel Ayme`
GA.....I must admit that the Raiders are currently blessed with Richie Gannon, whom I watched frequently during his days at the U. of Delaware. Gannon was even more of a scrambler then. Gannon is also blessed with a very good offensive line and 2 great wide receivers. What a combination!

sorry, pgardner, not in a meditative or quasi-religious sense. wink

in real-life, as in this case, to pass on several tips and places to go without filling up a mile of a thread. maybe there isn't a way, someone please clarify who's been here longer.

Laissez les bons temps rouler!
That was very good mock anger GA! big grin

Saying the Raiders were "persecuted" by the refs is like saying Charles Manson is persecuted by the California penal system. They deserved every bit of it.

I always dreaded the day the Cowboys had to play the Raiders. I always knew it was going to be a tough game and that my dad would burst a blood vessel over the refs not calling all the bad stuff.

I expanded my vocabulary on those days too. Kind of like the blonde kid in "A Christmas Story" (THE word). wink

Gladstone at a social gather said to Disraeli, "I predict, Sir, that you will die either by hanging or of some vile disease". Disraeli replied, "That all depends, sir, upon whether I embrace your principles or your mistress."
Originally posted by italian wino:

I think you mean 999 bottles of beer on the wall.....


Life without wine?...... Yeah Right.<br /><br />I believe we have 2 lives; the life we learn with and the life we live with after that.

Did you watch The Natural again?
Ok folks,

I have been a Raider's fan since, I believe, 1970. When I was just a kid, I saw George Blanda throw three touchdown passes AND kick five field goals in the same game against the Browns. I was hooked ever since. Did not actually know the exact year I saw this game until Madden came out with a book in like 1986, and he descibed this exact game. Finding out how long I had been cheering for them was very cool!

And I still do!

Go Raiders!

Mark, N.H.
Lilac, I believe you are being called out by Vikings fan.

Get him.......!

"One may dislike carrots, spinach, beetroot, or the skin on hot milk. But not wine. It is like hating the air that one breathes, since each is equally indispensable."

Marcel Ayme`
I'm saying now, with only limited reservation that this is the most informative thread, EVER AVAILABLE ON THIS WINE SITE. IN HONOR OF THE OCCASION, I would venture a bottle of 94 King Estate Reserve Pinot against any takers with a reasonable back bet, on the Iowa USC game ...Orange Bowl. I must say this is an aged Oregon Pinot with alot of character. Will ship..and expect likewise...Will take on 6 of the best return bets. Seriously now, I'm not kidding.
Since I got my MSEE from UCLA I find it hard to cheer for the University of Spoiled Children. However, when a wager is offered I feel I must take it upon myself to relieve someone of their wine. I will offer up a ''95 Rocca de Montegrossi Chianti Classico Reserva against your Pinot. Offer accepted??

Forgive me for I have Zinned, and will again ...
My sister and I were home with our parents for Christmas ... just "the four of us" for the first time in years.

Things were going as well as could be expected until "The Conversation". My sister started talking about how great Tenerife is, and how wonderful the wines made there are.

I certainly can understand her first point, but as to the second point ... you're not a big fan of the wine scene there if I remember correctly. I tried quoting you to her, but she didn't seem to care what my "virtual friend Gastronauta" had to say. Go figure.

By the way, I had the ". Reserve", as I refuse to scrimp when it comes to family and friends. Some darned good juice, that " . " stuff. Can you get it in The Canaries?!?
Stemor -

I have been on the "." mailing list since the winery's inception on April 1 1997, and have never been offered the "." reserve. I shall have to contact the winery and see to it that this oversight is corrected immediately. May I ask, how did you come about a bottle? Auction perhaps?
Ok, this is getting really annoying. This thread is so long now, that it's taking me a considerable amount of time to ignore it. Now we're at almost 3 full pages, and each time I try to ignore the thread, I have to scroll through all the posts to see where I've left off from the last time I ignored it.

It's very frustrating. I think I'll have some of that "." reserve and try to calm down.

Sheesh people, get a life!

I heard a rumor that anyone who has signed up for the '.' mailing list may be offered some of the next vintage of '.' - "The Maiden", but I can't say for sure.
Until I am, I will continue to pretend to avoid this thread. eek

I can't afford it, but I buy it anyway.
I think it was QoH that mentioned a cork popping and landing in an interesting place, somewhere earlier on this ignorable thread.

I once was at my parents (since split up) and we were having a usual celebration of some sort. Champagne was opened and, at least at my parents' house, especially if outside on their huge deck with a tree growing out of it, the goal was always to pop the cork and let it fly, fly fly for as far as possible.

On this particular occasion, my father let a cork explode out of the bottle of bubbly and it had the most amazing shot straight up into the foliage of the large tree that grows out of the deck. And as well all tried to trace the cork's travels back to Earth, we all lost sight of it. After some searching, we all gave up.

A few hours later, well into the festivities, the cork came back to Earth. Being slightly intoxicated as we all were, shouts of 'It went to the Moon and back!' and 'The universe is round!' and other inanities. We then actually figured out it had landed on a leaf, hung out for a while and finally it fell back out of the tree (someone had bumped into the tree rather brusquely just prior to the cork fell back down).

Anyone have any other fun cork stories?

www.vinocellar.com -- Mm-Mm-good
Hey, LW,

You can see that we have been busy ignoring this thread while you were gone.

Hope the move to God's Country went well, and that you are all settled in ... wine cooler and all. It's a shame you had to move it so quickly after finding a suitable location for it in the old place!
Hiya Stemor,

I'm exhausted. My feet hurt. My back hurts. I've abused all of my relatives - I invite them over for dinner and put them all to work fixing this or that, or unpacking boxes, or arranging furniture. Tacky of me, I know, but it's the only way I'll get it all done!

The house is great, the town is great. I'm still getting used to a MUCH slower pace to life and what I like to call the "Mayberry Syndrome", a.k.a. Manana (tilde over the first "n") Mentality. For a gal who loved the DC area, this is a rather big adjustment.

There! See? A whole post and I still didn't talk about anything!! Big Grin

"Work is the curse of the drinking classes." Oscar Wilde
No great cork stories, but while Wife, Sis, Bro-in-law, their 2 kids & I took a tour of King Estate last weekend, 10 y.o. Nephew picked up an interesting object from the floor & asked what it was. The guy told him it it was a bung & that he was welcome to keep it. Nephew asked what it was for...
Great cork story but perhaps not what you might expect.

Years ago growing up on LI we used to frequent a steakhouse in Manhattan called 'The Cattleman'. Sadly the restaurant has long since closed but this story is a legend in our family:

While enjoying a great tableside-prepared Ceasar salad, my brother (~7 or 8 at the time) got a bit bored as he was not into "funky" tasting salads. Per usual, my father had ordered a bottle of wine. The waiter did the usual -- uncork bottle, place cork on table, pour taste of wine and when approved, fill the other glasses.

Not thinking anything of it, we all just left the cork on the table. In order to assuage his boredom, my young brother had taken to playing with the cork while we ate. For some unknown reason, he decided to see if it would fit in his bottle of Diet Coke (you know, the glass bottles restaurants sometimes serve).

Well, he managed to wedge the cork in neck of the Diet Coke bottle. Pleased with his handi-work, he decided to shake up the bottle of Diet Coke to further amuse himself. [Pause: Anybody see what's coming here?]

It did not take long, and we all pretty much realized what was happening at the same time: Cork + Carbonation + a small space = projectile cork!

The noise was pretty loud and at first, we all thought it was quite funny. However, we all know what happens when you open a bottle of bubbly too quickly. Yep, Diet Coke everywhere. A nice little fountain 8-10' in the air.

We're all sitting there, wearing a light mist of Diet Coke and not thinking it's so funny anymore when we realize -- IT'S MUCH WORSE. We look over at the table next to us and a cadre of international businessmen all dressed in suits are wiping themselves off! Apparently 4 or 5 of them had caught the Diet Coke shower too. Mad

I don't remeber much after that, but recall being quite embarassed and things seemed quite tense after that. I think my father sent over dessert or a bottle of wine to make amends but I'm sure they were still not pleased.

Well, long story but I thought someone might find it funny. After all, you all need something to do while you are ignoring this thread...

How many of you cried in the last quarter of the Atlanta vs. Green Bay game? What a complete melt-down. And Favre was HOT for a while there - then it seemed he borrowed his grandma's eyeglasses there for a while and started throwing to everyone but his players.

I'm not a fan of either team, but I still hated to watch how the wheels fell off for the Packers that last quarter.

"Work is the curse of the drinking classes." Oscar Wilde
ERRRRR Mad The Giants I can believe it. Oh well Dont think that will happen in Tampa even though I dont think they will score half as many points. But Sapp and Rice are going to very hungry so Garcia better lace them up tight. It will be fun to watch Garcia run for his life Big Grin
Stemor, this thread is simply WAY too compelling to ignore! I mean, it's even more fascinating than watching an episode of "Joe Millionaire"!

(who, by the way, is NOT some $19,000/yr. dirt mover. He's an underwear model in Europe, and really IS a millionaire. Once again, Fox plays everyone for a fool...)
just what was it about this post we were suppose to ignore in the first place?? oh, I get it. If I subsitute ignore with nevermind you get the same result. There. I knew there was way out of this quagmire. Say Goodnight Gracie.

Cheers P3
while we are all consumed ignoring this thread;
I have an amazing story to tell, one of intrigue with a glimpse into the supernatural.
I went to dinner on Friday evening with my very best friend who I have known since well, almost the day I was born. Our lives have been filled with amazing coincidence. While at dinner I was lamenting the loss of a very expensive bracelet and she happened to look at her watch and realized that she was missing a bracelet..then, as if that weren't weird enough Eek, the next morning I called to find out if she found her bracelet and sadly, she had not. I told her I was on my way to the store to purchase new hot rollers because my old ones finally died and after an eery silence she said "this is too bizarre...I have my keys in my hand and I'm ready to head out to buy hot rollers because this morning as I was getting ready, they fell on the floor and broke".
Any goose bumps yet???
Roll Eyes Wink

sorry..I am trying to ignore the superbowl as well as this thread!!

If that's the case our mother wasn't very original as we both share the same drab first name!
It was always amazing to me; often when we introduced ourselves people would say "are you two sisters?"..was anybody listening?? Eek

aka.. Official Forum Haiku Master? Big Grin


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