That's like telling a five year old not to touch something.

Don't feel bad. I made the same mistake and generated a thread about 20 responses long!

At least it didn't go dinwiddie!

"One may dislike carrots, spinach, beetroot, or the skin on hot milk. But not wine. It is like hating the air that one breathes, since each is equally indispensable."

Marcel Ayme`

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How can i ignore this thread when it keeps reappearing at the top? razz

Oh, umm . . ., sorry. roll eyes

Formerly Wine Guy w/ 125 posts . . .
Didn't we all decide that Keith should lock up (and throw away the key) threads like this before they get out of hand.
After all, look what happened to dinwiddie.
He started a thread called 'Staying on Tpoic',
and it took over 1380 posts before Keith was able to kill it!

I can't afford it, but I buy it anyway.
Unfortunately, this would have a better chance of slipping into oblivion if it were actually a TN.

99 bottles of beer on the wall.... big grin

Jeremy Ellis<br />Brown's Seriously Fine Wines<br />Auckland, NZ<br />mighty turnip hunter. The animals are just to damn fast.
One fell down on the ground 98 bottles of beer on the wall! wink

It used to be beer, the old lady, & TV. Now it's wine, women, & song.
LOL. Obviously this one is not going to run off by itself. It's just going to keep running until someone turns it off.

Continuing to lol,
Mark, N.H.

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