We are the champions, my friend, and we will keep on fighting till the end, 'cause we are the champions, we are the champions... of this thread!

The Winners on the Podium

As is traditional, I am in the center, with Panda Wine on my right. Third place finisher (a.k.a. "Bronze Boy"), my beloved Seaquam, is to the left of me.

What's that I see? A fourth participant on the podium? Eek My guess is it's Cool Bronson...

Not this time, Sunshine. You'll have to wait your turn. Moohoowaahaahaa.

50: Rothko
100: Vista
150: CHICO
200: MassMess
250: Nobody
300: Stemor
350: KillerB
400: Andreadago
450: New Dutch Drinker
500: Phylloxera
550: RedRedVine
600: Whiner15
650: MassMess
700: Andreadago
750: KillerB
800: Rothko
850: Pauly
900: Vinaigre
950: NewDutchDinker

1,000: leesunhee, aka The Creator

1,050: Seaquam
1,100: MassMess
1,150: New DutchDrinker
1,200: Eric White
1,250: Whiner15
1,300: seanr7
1,350: Seaquam
1,400: KillerB
1,450: seanr7
1,500: Seaquam
1,550: MassMess
1,600: Green Drazi
1,650: seanr7
1,700: GreenDrazi
1,750: Eric White
1,800: GreenDrazi
1,850: seanr7
1,800 MKII: GreenDrazi
1,850 MKII: seanr7
1,900: KillerB
1,950: KillerB

2,000: leesunhee, aka The Creator

2,050: Seaquam
2,100: Benchland
2,150: Eric White
2,200: Eric White
2,250: Just a skosh
2,300: GreenDrazi
2,350: Vinyrd Skynyrd
2,400: Eric White
2,450: coolbronson
2,500: Panda Wine
2,550: KillerB
2,600: Panda Wine
2,650: MassMess
2,700: Seaquam
2,750: Panda Wine
2,800: rbtrumpet08
2,850: GreenDrazi
2,900: coolbronson
2,950: coolbronson

3,000 Leesunhee, The Creator (we are not worthy, despite some low life attempting to alter the millenial post)

3,050: Eric White
3,100: Eric White
3,150: Panda Wine
3,200: Flubis
3,250: Grunhauser
3,300: Panda Wine
3,350: Just a Skosh (Saluting the Sun)

you maybe ignore that in Italy now it's nearly two in the night.

Going to bed, tomorrow early in the morning I'm gonna leave e for a pretty nice Barolo & Barbaresco tour...
Looks like I gotta ignore this thread a littler harder.

When its around 3 or 4 in the morning in Italy is when Im gonna ignore it real hard. Big Grin

Big Grin


shooo mash Bawrjolo ein Bawjbawjreiskio, shooodey...


Big Grin

bush ish wash veeerio booooonoooooo...!!!
Today I got my blood check results.

Too high colesterol, or the way it's called in English.

Doctor said I have to diminish alcohol consumption. And offered me a glass of Marsala De Bartoli that he had opened in his office (real!!!).

As a consequence, when friends invited me to a top tasting this night, guess what I did of his saying I had to diminish alcohol consumption?

Well, I ignore what I did of it... Big Grin
MassMess, you are too funny. I wish when my wife was touring Italy a few months ago that I had made arrangements for you to share a glass with her, that would have been quite something!
"so, how did you and my husband meet?"
"We met by ignoring each other online!
Big Grin
Myself, I'd stay away from such prominent ignorami. What good can come from someone who ignores doctor's orders? Only trouble. Besides, you might catch something terrible from close contact, like a hairy chest virus. You never know.

Anyway, I would like to ignore this thread a little longer( not as long as the longest member though), but i am too giddy after receiving the following (obviously coded) message from the artisans:

" So your order is gone this morning at 10h30 in express, tomorrow or after tomorrow you will get it. "

Giddy up, Jerome!

Two weeks before we open. Cool
" So your order is gone this morning at 10h30 in express, tomorrow or after tomorrow you will get it. "
LOL Your artisans must be related to my printer's "Acct Exec". It's enough to drive me to drink.

So, I ignore it. Wink
Originally posted by just a skosh:
" So your order is gone this morning at 10h30 in express, tomorrow or after tomorrow you will get it. "

LOL Your artisans must be related to my printer's "Acct Exec".

I heard Wine Kamikaze has cousins in Switzerland and an uncle in Texas.

That has been decreed by The Creator, Herself. But as all good followers do, the faithful do not dare encroach upon the limits of The Creator's goodwill, and the popular consensus has been a limit of 3 row-posts.

Ignore this at your own risk!

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