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Originally posted by dbw4:
You know, the same defect that makes me love the Red Vino post is the same defect that makes me stand and look at (count) my wine bottles.



Thanks for the kind words Emily Smile. You have always been too kind. Wink. But yes I have spent too much time doing official counting at the TH ITP. I once searcged and counted up throught the first 2000 posts on ITP and won a pink wig for the answers. Here Ill find the post....
[quote="trumpetmike"]No story continuation yet, but whilst I do compile the final chapter, I have a few questions for you to ignore:

What is the name of the person who started this thread?

Who was the first person to post two replies?

Who was the first person to post 5 replies?

Of the first 10 people to take part in this thread, how many of them have posted more than once?

Who was the first person to have 20 posts?

Who was the first to 30?

Who was the first to 50?

Who was the first to 70?

Who was the first to 80?

Who was the first to reach 100 posts?

At the time of writing, how many people in this thread have posted more than 100 posts in this thread?

Who are they (in the order in which the arrived at this situation - for a bonus point)?

On which page (using the current numbering system) did the thread get moved from one forum to this one?

From which forum did it get moved from?

Which instrument maker has reached double figures of posts in this thread?

Upon which page were Wombats first mentioned?

Who posted Post Number 1000?

Who first called the originator of this thread "The Creator?"

How many times has The Creator posted in this thread?

Who is the only person to have contributed over 200 posts to this thread?

All these answers will be revealed when we hit page 100, along with a few other choice bits of trivia from our favourite thread Big Grin

I will also finish the story - I promise Big Grin

Right - now who can answer all of those questions?
Big Grin Big Grin Enjoy Big Grin Big Grin[/quote]
8 of them
trumpetmike (again)
lewis4545 (again)
trumpetmike, lewis4545, Uncle Fester (in order too! Smile)
it moved on pg 23
horns forum
Eclipse Trumpets
wombats on page 39
Nastiness, nastiness, the greatest gift that we possess (don't say I don't give you Doddy):

50: Rothko
100: Vista
150: CHICO
200: MassMess
250: Nobody
300: Stemor
350: KillerB
400: Andreadago
450: New Dutch Drinker
500: Phylloxera
550: RedRedVine
600: Whiner15
650: MassMess
700: Andreadago
750: KillerB
800: Rothko
850: Pauly
900: Vinaigre
950: NewDutchDinker

1,000: leesunhee, aka The Creator

1,050: Seaquam
1,100: MassMess
1,150: New DutchDrinker
1,200: Eric White
1,250: Whiner15
1,300: seanr7
1,350: Seaquam
1,400: KillerB
1,450: seanr7
1,500: Seaquam
1,550: MassMess
1,600: Green Drazi
1,650: seanr7
1,700: GreenDrazi
1,750: Eric White
1,800: GreenDrazi
1,850: seanr7
1,800 MKII: GreenDrazi
1,850 MKII: seanr7
1,900: KillerB
1,950: KillerB

2,000: leesunhee, aka The Creator

2,050: Seaquam
2,100: Benchland
2,150: Eric White
2,200: Eric White
2,250: Just a skosh
2,300: GreenDrazi
2,350: Vinyrd Skynyrd
2,400: Eric White
2,450: coolbronson
2,500: Panda Wine
2,550: KillerB
2,600: Panda Wine
2,650: MassMess
2,700: Seaquam
2,750: Panda Wine
2,800: rbtrumpet08
2,850: GreenDrazi
2,900: coolbronson
2,950: coolbronson

3,000 Leesunhee, The Creator (we are not worthy, despite some low life attempting to alter the millenial post)

3,050: Eric White
3,100: Eric White
3,150: Panda Wine
3,200: Flubis
3,250: Grunhauser (either old or saving dogs, I'm not sure)
just wanted to offer you something you can really ignore: ytwo days ago was my birthday, so yesterday I hosted a group of friends at home and we ravaged in the cellar until 4 in the night; today I got up very late and finished the celebrations by having a match of sumo with one of my guests who was too drunk to go back home yesterday night. I won by 2-1.

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