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Originally posted by coolbronson:
Originally posted by rbtrumpet08:
i invite some of you guys to come and join and check out our ignored post and post there if you would like. no need to be a trumpeter.

1.Are there any girls?
2. Do they admire people with excessive wine knowledge and all arounf erudition and style?
3. Do you want to start a band of some sort, preferably carribean or salsa? I bought a pair of brazilian maracas recently and want to put then to good use.

there are in fact girls, I am one of htem
and we are always strting groups and ookinf for new etc
comes with the territory
however, mostly we talk abt ale
Hunter, please notice the difference.

They have come here just for this thread, since they have something otherwhere that they say should be similar to this.

but they go on living their normal forumite life on the other threads of their forum.

Here I was born and raised since 2002, january the 19th (few days and I'll be FOUR years old to this forum), and I've been devoting the whole of my forumite existance to this thread and this only.

If they are simple believers of a brother religion, well, I don't know what I am, but my way to be pure to this thread is way different.

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