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[SD-Wineaux] "I'm SD-Wineaux and I'm a PITP-holic."
[Crowd, in unison] "Hi, SD-Wineaux!"
[SD-Wineaux] "I'd like to share with you today some of my experiences as a PITP-holic. I only caught the bug of this addiction a scant 15 days ago. Although I tried desperately to heed the warnings of The Creator to ignore it all and to take my strength from Her, in my own weakness I fell prey to the sweet, siren call of this thread a few days ago and I have been on a bender with it ever since.
"As I fell into the abyss of not ignoring this thread, I found myself wandering, dazed, from the first page all the way through page 63. As those who have succumbed before me know all too well, there is a rush of enjoyment from the consumption of these posts. But there is also a heavy price to pay in our lives as our need to come back for more and more posts steals time away from our work, from our loved ones, and even (as I found for myself over these past few days) from our ability to care for our own selves and personal hygiene.
"But there is much to learn from this journey that can make us better and stronger people. For myself, I found wading through this thread to be an existential experience, for truly this is an unfathomable universe! Such as the lesson from Rdanos giving in to not ignoring the post. And legend has it that even The Creator, Herself, fell victim to not ignoring the posts and had a nightmare because it it. And there were positive lessons as well, such as Eric White's consistent drumbeat on ignoring the thread.
"There were other posts that left an impression on me which I have yet to understand their lesson for my life, but which I enjoyed nonetheless."
The evolution in Pauly's signature line.
KillerB on a roll on how Italian's ignore things.
leesunhee's return for 1000 and being named The Creator.
Seaquam and Aussie's riff on existence and logic.
"Tonged" entering the site vocabulary.
Bestowing of titles.
Seaquem's dot-calling and bad puns.
Discovery of the Trumpet ITP competition, but especially coolbronson's pissing contest with a 15-year-old.
"Others, which I understood but killed my good mood, were the number of comparisons to Seinfeld (probably influenced by my not liking Seinfeld to begin with) and the format wars on pages 34-36 & 44."

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