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pyang :
Chinese should celebrate by Chinese time no matter where we are !!! : ) I am thinking about opening a bottle of Great Wall 92 tomoorw -- the chinese Lafite !! Smile Have you heard about/tried it before? it is quite good actually, and cheap tooWink
it also has some very funky bottle ( the bottle has a lot of white marking that looks exactly like a fully layer of dust), and would be a good addition to your collection . If you had never tried that, you should look for oneSmile

It's not Chinese New Year in my book until I get those red envelopes... Razz Wink Big Grin

I've heard of the brand, but have not tried it yet. Would be pretty tough to come across a bottle of that in the States, unless someone would be kindly enough to bring back a bottle. Is this the one from Gobi Desert?

How 'bout a game of 8-ball for a nice bottle of Cab...
sorry it was me who started the messSmilethen things kinda get out of my controlSmile

The Great Wall ( vintage 1992) is probably the best Chinese Red wine avalible. Very cheap ( the 1992 is like 15 us dollar) and it comes in a nice wodden case, and has a very interesting bottle( they did something to part of the bottle that it looks like there are lot of dust on it). It taste ok, my dad actually think it is a decent QPR wine, and is called Chinese Lafite by many. I don't remember much about the wine, but at least it is drinkable, doesn't burn my throat or anything. smells like a decent red wine but I remember the lack of after taste and complexity. What I said above is limited to the 1992 vintage.I had never seen a non 1992.

I have also heard a Chinese white wine call Dynasty( not 100% sure if it is Chinese), and I saw my dad drink that before too. I guess that is a decent wine too and about same price. I am not familiar with other red wine produced in China.but will looking into that and post more infomation here.Smile

If you are planning to buy this wine when you
visit China, please becareful. This Chinese Red wine are selling well. And in China , anything that sells well will have immitation/fake stuff. There are proabbly more fake bottles in the market than real ones. So be very careful about where you get it( directly from the winery is probably the best, and probably safe if you order the bottle in a major hotel). God know what can be inside those fake bottles.

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