Sorry, I'll start again

999 bottles of beer on the wall ....

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I thought it was "bottles of WINE on the wall"?

After all, consider where we are... roll eyes wink

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I'm saying now, with only limited reservation that this is the most informative thread, EVER AVAILABLE ON THIS WINE SITE. IN HONOR OF THE OCCASION, I would venture a bottle of 94 King Estate Reserve Pinot against any takers with a reasonable back bet, on the Iowa USC game ...Orange Bowl. I must say this is an aged Oregon Pinot with alot of character. Will ship..and expect likewise...Will take on 6 of the best return bets. Seriously now, I'm not kidding.
Since I got my MSEE from UCLA I find it hard to cheer for the University of Spoiled Children. However, when a wager is offered I feel I must take it upon myself to relieve someone of their wine. I will offer up a ''95 Rocca de Montegrossi Chianti Classico Reserva against your Pinot. Offer accepted??

Forgive me for I have Zinned, and will again ...
That would be me! Please! wink

It used to be beer, the old lady, & TV. Now it's wine, American Express, & this stupid forum!
This post was getting far too deep in the forum for us to ignore properly.

roll eyes

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ding, you guys should leave the 100 beginning of the 3rd page for the subject starter!!!!

oh well:) I will try go for the 4th page.

Anyway, merry christmas, and have lots of good wines. I will be looking forward for your tasting notes:)
Kb, it was corked from the start. When I saw the heading I knew we'd see page 14 of this thread: it's just too inviting to refuse... wink ... and in the middle of the "sacred" TNs forum... roll eyes

Free Winona!
What are you drinking lately?

Last night I enjoyed one of the Forum's Favorites, a nice bottle of "."

It was all that you have ever heard about it, and then some!

big grin
. Reserve or just the plain . regular bottling? I find .Reserve to be years away from peaking. Hold a few ... for the future! big grin

Free Winona!
Ok, this is gettting ridiculous people. Please tell me you have something better to do than to read and reply to this thread. Anyone still posting to this thread has to be a fool!

And, by the way, [bump]

My sister and I were home with our parents for Christmas ... just "the four of us" for the first time in years.

Things were going as well as could be expected until "The Conversation". My sister started talking about how great Tenerife is, and how wonderful the wines made there are.

I certainly can understand her first point, but as to the second point ... you're not a big fan of the wine scene there if I remember correctly. I tried quoting you to her, but she didn't seem to care what my "virtual friend Gastronauta" had to say. Go figure.

By the way, I had the ". Reserve", as I refuse to scrimp when it comes to family and friends. Some darned good juice, that " . " stuff. Can you get it in The Canaries?!?
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