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Hey!!!!! Long time no talk! How's it going everyone? And um massmess.... what's this triple posting thing? Trying to cheat your way to a npp? But yeah you remember me I'm sure! Right?

So yeah, us peoples at TH have been slacking a bit with our ITP, but we did quite a while ago hit a max where we slowed the whole site down with 550+ pages so had to delete it and start a new one. Big Grin heh.

Well, good to see you still here, and Eric White, I invite you to pop in and say hey over at our joint!
Heh, yeah randomly thought about our whiners, err, winers back here and thought I'd pop in again. Don't worry, I'm slowly getting to the drinking age. 18 right now, so maybe I'll pop back in in 3 years to legally comment on some wines. (though none of the bitter, or whatever you'd call them, wines appeal to me. But that's coming from someone commenting on small tastes my mother has offered when she's trying a new wine.)

Well I hope to see you over at . I invite anyone else here that wants to join our ignored post to come also!
Originally posted by rbtrumpet08:
Tisk tisk, gotta read closer. The website designer informed the Creator that he had to delete it, but allowed him to create a new one. So we are on our second ITP. The baby is now in the mid 60's in pages. It's still in the Lounge in the normal place.

Clearly, if Eric was paying closer attention then he would have been violating the spirit of this thread!

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