That's like telling a five year old not to touch something.

Don't feel bad. I made the same mistake and generated a thread about 20 responses long!

At least it didn't go dinwiddie!

"One may dislike carrots, spinach, beetroot, or the skin on hot milk. But not wine. It is like hating the air that one breathes, since each is equally indispensable."

Marcel Ayme`

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How can i ignore this thread when it keeps reappearing at the top? razz

Oh, umm . . ., sorry. roll eyes

Formerly Wine Guy w/ 125 posts . . .
Didn't we all decide that Keith should lock up (and throw away the key) threads like this before they get out of hand.
After all, look what happened to dinwiddie.
He started a thread called 'Staying on Tpoic',
and it took over 1380 posts before Keith was able to kill it!

I can't afford it, but I buy it anyway.
Unfortunately, this would have a better chance of slipping into oblivion if it were actually a TN.

99 bottles of beer on the wall.... big grin

Jeremy Ellis<br />Brown's Seriously Fine Wines<br />Auckland, NZ<br />mighty turnip hunter. The animals are just to damn fast.
One fell down on the ground 98 bottles of beer on the wall! wink

It used to be beer, the old lady, & TV. Now it's wine, women, & song.
LOL. Obviously this one is not going to run off by itself. It's just going to keep running until someone turns it off.

Continuing to lol,
Mark, N.H.
Ok I have decided that this could be our secret hiding place for tasting notes of wine we don't want too many people knowing about. You know, because then the stores run out, or the auction price starts climbing higher and higher. So I will start with a wine I have recently had and I am trying to buy as much as possible!

'94 Dominus. One of the best wines I have had. Fabulous aromas of sweet candied fruit, light cherries. Elegant, balanced, with a wonderful long finish. This wine is so sweet you could hold it in your mouth forever not wanting to swallow. Yet not over the top. I give it between 98-99 pts. A wonderful wine for the money. smile

It used to be beer, the old lady, & TV. Now it's wine, women, & song.
You all realize these silly threads would not keep going on and on if you fools would simply not reply to them....Doh!!!! big grin

Wine tastes better upside down.
I would give this thread a 93-94 with room to imporve!!!!! This is the first time I read it and I am at work and it made me laugh out loud, I looked like an idiot!!!!! LOL
T.T I was trying to stay away from this post so it won't pop up on the top again and get more attention, but I can no longer resist posting my apology since it doesn't look like it is going to end by itself anytime soon... sorry about this. I was trying to post a reply to an existed post, but then started a new topic by mistake. Then I tried to deleted the topic, but then found out only the adminstrators process such power...
I am glad that it at least give a few people a good laugh smile

Happy monday
The Seinfeld of threads - all about nothing in general.

wink big grin

Gladstone at a social gather said to Disraeli, "I predict, Sir, that you will die either by hanging or of some vile disease". Disraeli replied, "That all depends, sir, upon whether I embrace your principles or your mistress."
PE - You said it gal; if there's anyone that can kill a post quicker than I let them cast the first cork. That being said...

I remember when I had a '98 Benziger Reserve Cab Sauvignon in Atlanta, GA, and it was corked. Sent it back for another bottle, it was corked. A third bottle was brought out just to check the entire stash and it too was corked, though not nearly as much as the first two. Anyway, there was this cassis thing going on, and the mushroom (or was it cork), like I said, lots of legs, and cork, and black fruit, and cork.....

kybo - The Great (thread killer). big grin

...hey, chief - you gonna finish that bottle?
Speaking of corks, I was showing our hostess how to s-l-o-w-l-y twist the cork out of a bottle of Champagne on Thanksgiving when it took on a life of its own and blew out like a missile. It was loud. We couldn't find it (didn't really look) until Nick found it in his cranberry relish. Maybe it was the air flight down, but this was true travel shock 'n roll.
Did not improve the cranberry relish.
Could not resist! As soon as I saw a post with this title I just had to go and have a look. Thanks Sun Hee for making me smile on a frezing Tuesday in Reading.

So the Vikings were jobbed by the Refs were they? And I thought that it was the Angles, Saxons and Jutes wink

Wine, Women and Song - one out of three ain't bad
smile Killer B. No, no one jobs the Vikings better than the refs. They hate us still for losing all of those Super Bowls. (As does the Hall of Fame.) What a JOKE that only 4 of the Purple People Eater Vikings are in the Hall! One of the 3 or 4 most dominant teams of the 70s--there's no excuse!

Now...must I do EVERYTHING myself? wink


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