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I need some help finding some good resturants in Reno. We have a house in Tahoe and the kitchen was distroyed in a freak accident. We have exhausted to local fair and have started looking in Reno to dine. Problem is there are no good guides we have found. Anyone know the ropes in Reno? Thanks and good dining.


David Spangenberg
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Lexie's in the Siena Hotel (overlooks the Truckee River). Last time I was there however, The Enoteca wine bar downstairs has plummeted in quality.
Bistro Roxy and La Strada in the Eldorado.
Brew Brothers at the El Dorado is probably my favorite all time brewpub.
Bertha Miranda's is a MUST for Mexican food.
Viaggio on Kietzke might be worth a try if for nothing else, their wine collection.

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