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I love goat cheese with Pinot Noir. Look for something like a Tomme Verte rather than a higher fat cheese like a d'Affinois.

Pinwheels os smoked salmon with some cream cheese and chives goes well with Pinot Noir.

If you're up to the task, duck rillettes is (are?) outstanding with Pinot Noir.

Diced tarragon chicken breast on toothpicks is another alternative.

Roast marinated pork tenderloin cubes on toothpicks is something we've used.
Hey Purple,

Another idea is a salmon mousse. We had one at the Ferrari Carano winery once and it was awesome.
Sorry I don't have the recipe but maybe a search will yield results.

I love salmon with PN.
Except maybe the sushi... Red Face

I've served a pork tenderloin sliced and topped with goat cheese and some of that fisher-weismanns raspberry chipotle sauce to favorable reviews too. Good hot or cold.

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