Pinot Days pinot noir tasting in N.Y.C.

City winery is a fun venue for events.

I went to pinot days when itw as at the javitts and it was a huge event then you definitely get to try a bunch of good pinots.

i think when i went i had a tasting of over 60? pinots.

i think it's smaller since city winery isn't as large as a venue.
if you can id recommend the table hop dinner, i did this at the inaugural Pinot Days in LA and it was a blast... at least for the diners Wink

i poured at the most recent event in LA a few months back and if you go, i'd definitely check out Alta Maria, August West, Cargasacchi, Inman, Pali, Scherrer, Siduri and Sojourn... i'd also make a point to hit Inman & Scherrer first... Kathleen was pouring some of her sparkling which i believe is sold out/tasting room only, August West was pouring their recently bottled 2011's and all showed very well (but i'm biased), in addition Pali had some special stuff opened too... Belle Glos had an older mag opened, i wanna say it was the 05' Clark & Telephone which was pretty tasty too.

just my $0.02, be sure post a comment or notes if you go!

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