In my garage I have <strike>10</strike>9 bottles bought by my late step father some 30 odd years ago, which I have just been ordered to get rid of ...

4 x 1985 Ungsteiner Kabnert Auslese

4 x 1986 Herrnsheimer Romersteg (Ortega u Gewirztraminer) Beerenauslese

1 x 1988 Alzeyer Sybillenstein (Faberrebe) Kabinett

I've just opened one of the Auslese bottles - cork very soggy & fragile, tastes like sweet sherry.

So ...  before I uncork the lot and pour it down the sink,  any suggestions?  (South West UK)



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Those ones were apparently at the bottom of a cupboard in a dark windowless room on a north facing stone wall (22" thick), inside pieroth cardboard crates / boxes - bottles wrapped in cellophane, in polystyrene packaging in cardboard presentation boxes.



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italianwino posted:

The thick walls are a good thing. The 1959 TBA could be wonderful. Pull the cork on one and find out.

Agreed.  I'd like to be on hand for that one. 

Greg Hays:  where in SW UK?  I might have to go visit my father in Oxford and make a side trip

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